IELTS Speaking Part 1 Gifts

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Gifts

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Gifts

What types of gifts do you enjoy giving to others?

 Yes, I love giving gifts to others because it strengthens our relationship, and it is a passion that I show to the people I am gifting. 

How do you decide on the perfect gift for someone?

 From my perspective, I always try to give a usable thing to a person because whenever we give it, he can use it in his daily routine. 

Do you prefer giving or receiving gifts? 

If I talk about myself, if we give a gift to someone, we will also receive a gift. 

So, it is a hand-to-hand relationship. 

What cultural customs or traditions are associated with gift-giving in your country?

 In my country, we always give a gift at a marriage ceremony or on a special occasion when a person is celebrating his birthday or something else. 

Can you recall a memorable gift you have received? What made it special? 

Yes, in 6th grade, my father gifted me a red cycle, one of the most expensive bicycles.

How important is the presentation of a gift compared to the gift itself? If a gift looks amazing from the outside, it attracts a person’s eye. So, I think it should always be attractive from the outside and that a person gets excited about the gift.

 Is it better to give practical or sentimental and meaningful gifts?

 I think practical gifts are more valuable and can be used by a person daily.

Sentimental gifts can be kept in the Almirah, but they do not have any more significance. 

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