IELTS Speaking Part 1 Advertisement

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Advertisement

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Advertisement

How do you think advertising influences people’s buying decisions? 

In today’s era, people prefer to see advertising and would like to buy more famous things in the market. 

Do you like watching advertisements on TV? 

I wouldn’t say I like watching advertisements on TV because they give more length of advertisement over the TV. It is a waste of time.

What type of advertisement do you find most interesting? 

I prefer clothing or shopping accessories, which I mostly like buying or being interested in.

 Have you ever bought something because you saw it in an advertisement? 

Yes, I have bought many things in my life from advertisements. Last time, I bought one pair of jeans from Myntra, which was advertised on Facebook, and after that, I opened that and bought that product.

How do you feel when there are too many advertisements during a TV show or movie? 

In movies or TV shows, when regular ads are coming, it distracts me from watching a movie because it breaks the interest of a TV series. 

Do you think advertisements on social media influence your buying decisions? 

Yes, it influences our buying decisions because it shows us different things that attract us, and we always buy the popular things in the market. 

What do you think makes an advertisement good or bad? 

Many bad and good advertisements are shown on different kinds of platforms. So if I talk about good things, it always attracts us, and bad things sometimes also do not allow our pocket, but we fail to buy that thing. 

Do you prefer online advertisements or advertisements in magazines and newspapers? 

In today’s era, the Internet is one of the major things that people like to browse. So, online advertisement is a major way to buy things.

Do you think companies should be allowed to advertise unhealthy products like junk food and sugary drinks? 

They do not show junk food and other sugary substances because they affect our health, and we should promote healthy diets and exercise, which helps to keep our bodies fit. 

Have you ever seen an advertisement that made you laugh? 

Yes, I have seen many advertisements. The cartoon characters mostly make me laugh because they do different activities that make us happy.

Should advertisements focus more on informing people about products or persuading them to buy?

 Yes, the advertisements should be informed about the products because we will get the full knowledge about the product we should buy, and all the benefits are mentioned to help us decide. 

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