IELTS Speaking Part 1 Forget Things

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Forget Things

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Forget Things

1. How often do you forget things in your daily life?

During the day, I mostly forget several things, which happens to me many times. The first thing I always forget is my keys to the car and, apart from that, a wallet, which is the second worst thing I forget. Yes, those are the only two things I mostly forget.

2. What strategies do you use to help you remember important information or tasks?

Well, to help, it varies from task to task. If I have to go somewhere, it’s an important function or something like that. I put it simply on the reminder, like the Google reminder, which alarms me on the day of the function. For the things I need in daily life, I put them with my essential things like my clothes and shoes, so whenever I try to wear my shoes, I pick up my things with them.

3. What types of things do you usually need to remember?

Like I said, I usually need to remember my keys and wallet; apart from that, I sometimes need to remember to make a grocery list.

4. Can you remember a recent time when you forgot something important?

Yes, what happened was I was going to shoppers to print my documents. It’s necessary for my Ontario health card, but I need photocopies of my passport, so I went directly to the shopping store to print the papers. Still, when I visited there, I realized that I had forgotten my passport, which is essential for the printer for the card, so yeah, that’s the only thing I recently forgot, which is very important to me.

5. Do you find that writing down helps you remember them better?

Yes, writing things down to make a list of things is a good idea to remember easily. Still, in recent times, technology, with the help of technology, has made it possible to have paper notes on our phones. Then we don’t need to use paper. We write on over there, and apart from that, we have Google reminders to remember things like important functions or things that are very important to us, and we don’t want to forget.

6. How do you feel when you forget something?

Well, I feel frustrated whenever I forget things because, as I said, when I visited the printing store, I forgot my passport. I was very frustrated at that time because I travelled five kilometres and then I got nothing, and I had to come way back to pick up that thing, so I think it’s like a blunder, and sometimes it’s very funny, but mostly I feel frustrated.

7. Do you think forgetfulness is a common problem for most people?

Yes, because I mean, like a person, a person is the only creature in the world who can think, and for that reason, many things are going on in our minds. We think a lot, and for that reason, people forget their things, and yes, it is a very common mistake among people.

8. Do you use any tricks or techniques to prevent forgetting things?

There are a lot of techniques. Like like I said, I adopt one like I put my stuff, which is essential, with my shoes because it’s, I mean, like to go outside definitely we need to wear shoes, or like we are our sleepers so I put my things with that so that’s a technique I recently adopted. It’s helped me really, and I advise him to, and I advised it to a lot of people, and they also got a lot of help.

9. How do you think modern technology, like smartphones and apps, affects our memory ability?

As I said, many apps like paper notes, sticky notes, and Google reminders with alarms help us remember most things.

10. Have you ever forgotten something?

I have forgotten a lot of things, like when I am depressed or when I am tired from work.

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