Discuss a gift that surprised you IELTS Cue Card

Discuss a gift that surprised you IELTS Cue Card


Discuss a gift that surprised you

Please say:

When did you get it?
What did you get?
Why it surprised you?

What benefit it provided you?

Sample 1


Although I have received many gifts, one amazed me, which is why it is worth mentioning.

What did you get as a gift?

 I got a laptop as a gift from my elder brother.

When did you get it?

I got it three years back during the time of the corona pandemic when there was a lockdown in my nation.

Why it surprised you? and What benefit it provided you?

Getting a gift during the pandemic was a bolt from the blue because, during that time, the higher authorities closed all the shops; moreover, online delivery was also impossible.

As I was free those days, and decided to use my leisure time prudently by learning the skill of digital marketing through Youtube. As my old laptop was in lousy condition, I decided to buy a new one for practical training. But my plan failed because I could not purchase it because of the lockdown.

Finally, I dropped my plan to buy the laptop. Seeing my plight, my brother came to my rescue. He managed to locate the house of the laptop vendor in our township, and he purchased the laptop and gifted it to me.

Upon seeing the gift, I was on cloud nine because it was not an ordinary moment. After all, it brought a paradigm shift in my life. Within three months, I learned the skill of digital marketing, and I got a work-from-home job offer; during the lockdown, I started earning.

So, gifting me the thing I had been looking for, my brother gave me a wonderful surprise.

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