Describe someone who cooked a special meal for you IELTS Cue Card

Describe someone who cooked a special meal for you IELTS Cue Card

Describe someone who cooked a special meal for you IELTS Cue Card


Describe someone who cooked a special meal for you.

You should say

who it was
what meal it was
why he/she cooked a special meal for you
and explain how you felt about it.

Sample Answer

I am like I have had so many meals in my life as I am a food enthusiast. And here I want to talk about a special dinner my friend cooked for me. My friend was Jack.

He lived in Japan and was my batchmate in college. And so he always told me about their meals there, like ramen noodles, dumplings, and some traditional Japanese food. So, I am keenly interested in Japanese food and other conventional traditions. So I asked him if he could offer me a meal of ramen noodles. So he said, OK. 

So we decided on a day, and we went to his home. So me and my friend I enjoyed ourselves a lot over there. He prepared a meal for us, and he also offered us mojo, which is a Japanese beer. We can say that. So it enhanced the taste. So he made white, which was special because he made ramen noodles for us, like for a choice. 

He prepared it for about three hours and put all the ingredients in it like I was on cloud nine after eating it because it was so delicious. I can explain that feeling from the heart as if his ingredients were Japanese spices and mushrooms with some shims. And some boiled potatoes and boiled eggs, too. 

After that, after having that meal, I felt very happy, and I was so glad because he was my friend and had prepared a meal for me. It was the first time someone from international prepared some food for me. So, yes, I felt myself valuable at his home. So, yeah, that’s the occasion when he cooked the meal for me.


Is non-vegetarian food popular in your country? 

Yes, because despite India being a holy country, it is also a religious country. There are a lot of people like Muslims and Christians, some other Indian people like they like to have non-vegetarian meals and in non-vegetarian, they mostly prefer chicken and goat. And they don’t want the beef and the pork. They are there. They prefer less. 

Who eats more non-vegetarian food? Men or women?

 Men because I would like to put some internal feelings like women have a very soft kind of heart. And they don’t want to do any harassment or anything like kill someone. Or it could be. 

It doesn’t matter if it’s an animal or what. So, in the case of men, they don’t care about things. They have strong hearts, so they can eat anything if they want to.

 Will people in your country stop eating non-vegetarian food in the future?

 I don’t think so because the ongoing trend is continuously rising, and it continues to do so. So I don’t think so. There is any chance that people will get rid of non-vegetarian foods because we have Muslims, we have Christians, and we have some Indian population who like to eat non-vegetarian meals. So it wouldn’t be reduced in the future. 

Why do many people buy unhealthy foods? 

There are many reasons behind this scenario; first of all, more and more people are becoming workaholics now, so they only have a little time to prepare food. 

So they prefer to like or like easy-cooked meals like canned food, packed meals, and canned meals that are already cooked. You need to put them on a plate. So it’s ready to eat. So the only food which is Unhealthy.

How can the government encourage citizens to eat healthy food? 

There are so many ways in which a government can influence its population to stop eating unhealthy foods. First of all, they should teach them the bad impacts of unhealthy foods, such as that they can cause a lot of ailments related to the human body. Fast food leads to an increase in the gastrointestinal level, which is not good for our health. They can also advertise and hold seminars to make people aware of the bad effects of unhealthy food. So that’s a factor by which a government can influence and encourage people to eat healthy meals to make a better future for themselves. 

What can cause people to change their eating habits? 

There are so many factors that affect a person’s eating habits. First, the work matters a lot, like how they work, what shift they prefer, and how long they work.

If a person is working 12 or 14 hours, it’s really hard for him to cook a portion of food. So they will prefer to be ready to cook the meal. Some people are living far from their homes to seek a better future. So they only have a little time to prepare food and must learn how to cook it. So these factors matter, and these are the only reasons. These are the reasons why people prefer unhealthy foods. 

Can you describe a memorable dining experience you have had at a restaurant? 

 About two years ago, before I came to Canada, I went to a hotel, Gilson, near my town. And it was my mother’s 56th birthday. My sisters and I went over there. So we had chicken biryani over there, a speciality dish of the Gilson Hotel. 

So it’s a different aura over there. The restaurant has a golden theme, which gives a beautiful view from the inside. So, yeah, we enjoyed it a lot. We celebrated our mother’s 56th birthday. And after that, I came to Canada. So it was my last birthday with my mother. So, it’s special and memorable for me. 

What role does eating meals together play in strengthening social bonds and relationships?

 Well, eating at one table would affect a person differently. After eating, we can talk with our family members. There is only a time when all the family members come together under one roof. And so they can discuss their problems. They can discuss how they spend their days. So by which a person can feel like they are close to their families. It is the only fact that affects a person to dinner with families.

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