IELTS Speaking Part 1 Haircut

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Haircut

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Haircut

What is your favourite hairstyle? 

 I like to. I want a lot of hairstyles, and I do not enjoy beard for some reason, but my current look is spiky with the oval shape from the sides, which we call the spiky one with the oval shape. And so yes, I like this haircut. 

How often do you have a haircut? 

 I have a haircut once a month, and I think I don’t need more than two, like twice a month, because my hair growth is really slow and apart from that I like to grow long hair so for that reason I go to the barber once a month. 

What factors do you consider when choosing a hairstyle or haircut? 

First, I choose which haircut would be best for my face shape. My face has all shapes, straight from the chin. So, for that reason, I prefer the spiky one with the bigger sides and the length from the back. So it quite suits my face. So, I consider these factors while doing the haircut. 

Can you describe a memorable haircut you have had in the past? 

Yes, a shop opened in my town in India. So what happened was they had a guest appearance from Mumbai. There was a huge discount, so I went there for the haircut. It was the most generous haircut that I ever had in my life. That was the most beautiful haircut I had ever had. So that’s the only memory I can relate with my hair. 

Are there any traditional hairstyles or haircutting practices in your culture? 

 No, because, in my culture, most people wear turbans. So, there is no specific haircut for the person. So if one has to choose a haircut, they would prefer a spiky one, as I see in my community. 

Have you ever had a haircut that you regretted? 

Yes, once a movie came to The Ghajini, there was a huge trend around the population. So they like to do a bald cut with the bald cut with like two lines starting from the middle and from the back sideways. So I like the influence of the movie American.

 So I did that cut. I got that cut, but after that, I regretted it because it was not suited to my face and my mother’s and my father’s. They yelled at me because it’s like it gave me a villain look. And so that’s a haircut which I regret after that. 

Do you think celebrities and public figures influence hairstyle trends? 

I agree because, in a haircut population, their haircuts play a huge role in the population. After all, they are the role model of the population, and people only admire them. 

It’s like only admiring their favourite actor or actress. So for that reason, if Salman Khan has straight hair, the people who love him will choose a straight hair like straight hair. And like if John Abraham had long hair, then definitely their role, their followers would prefer the same hairstyle. 

How do you feel about trying out new or unconventional hairstyles? 

As I said, once I had a haircut, which I regretted afterwards. So, after that, I never tried a new hairstyle. I keep only one hairstyle that suits my face. If I get the opportunity in the future, I will grab it, but I will only consider some factors. And if it would only be done by a professional.

 Can you describe the differences between getting a haircut at a salon and cutting your hair at home? 

Definitely, yes. The first and foremost reason is that, like at the saloon, we get professional services, which differ from what we can get at home. 

They are also very skilled at work and know how to cut hair, which is impossible at home. And they after like and they proper maintain the hygiene. After that, they learned how to use the sharp blades. If we can do that at home, we will hurt ourselves. 

What do you think are the psychological effects of getting a haircut, especially after a significant change in hairstyle? 

After a significant change in hairstyle, a person should feel free to support this. I would take my example as I had a common haircut from my sixth to my seventh gender. 

But after that, I got my new haircut, which was spiky. So after that, I gained confidence, like it’s a different kind of feeling, which I cannot express. So it’s like I felt joy and had more confidence. So, yes, the haircut would affect a physio’s psychology. 

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