Describe some technology that you decided to stop using IELTS Cue Card

Describe some technology that you decided to stop using IELTS Cue Card


Describe some technology (e.g. an app, phone, software program) that you decided to stop using.
You should say:

when and where you got this technology
why you started using this technology
why you decided to stop using it
and explain how you feel about the decision you made.

Sample Answer

There is a social networking app called Instagram that I decided to stop using. I started using the app in my first year of college, and it is one of the most used applications among young people because everybody is uploading their posts. After a few years of me downloading the app, they launched a new feature called Reels.

 So, a reel is a small video that can last 30 seconds to one minute, and users view the reels on a vast scale. People are viewing the Reels, and their screen time has increased to a certain level, which, if not stopped early, can be unhealthy. So I decided to stop watching Reels, or, in general, I uninstalled the application from my mobile because Reels are addictive, and due to the short video time, my attention span and my ability to focus have decreased. 

That can also lead to hyperactivity in certain people, and my decision is fair. The kind of things I was facing first of all, I always used to get headaches by watching Reels, and whenever I started watching Reels, I thought that I would watch them for 15 minutes, but I ended up watching them for one hour, and that was the worst part. It was killing my time and also decreasing my attention span, and I had to focus better, so I decided to switch on the Reels.


What kind of computer games do people play in your country? 

In my country, we have a wide variety of computer games. The most common games are the games in which they kill their enemies, and some people also play a game. Card games and some people play brainstorming games as well. 

Why do people enjoy playing computer games? 

People enjoy playing computer games because they are a great way to entertain themselves and trigger their minds, so they are also helpful for mental activity. 

Should all computer games have a minimum age for players? 

Yes, of course. Every game should have a minimum age for the players because, in some games, there is this approach to fighting with the enemy, and a lot of action and crime is there. So it is not suitable for an age group of children, especially youngsters. 

In what ways can technology in the classroom be helpful? 

Technology can support the teaching methods. It can improve the audiovisual aids used by the teacher, and along with that, when children hear and watch any animation or anything, it improves their learning capacity and their memory.

Do you agree that students often use technology better than their teachers?

 Yes, students are often better at using technology than their teachers because they are inquisitive and tend to learn new things. In contrast, teachers prefer the convenient and conventional methods. So their curiosity for learning makes them learn new technologies, which is how they become advanced. 

Do you believe that computers will ever replace human teachers? 

No, I don’t think so. Computers can never replace human teachers because learning is a real-life experience, and everybody should have the knowledge to sit in a classroom and hear from the teacher. 

What’s the most exciting technological development, and why is it significant?

 The most interesting technological advancement is artificial intelligence. These AI tools can make anything from scratch. They can write emails for you, they can provide you with any photograph, anything. They can also be used to modulate voice and write songs or even frame a poem in just a fraction of a second. So, this is a very new and exciting aspect of technological advancement. 

Technology constantly evolves, but how can we ensure everyone can access these advancements and their benefits? 

As technology advances in every part of the globe, people have created a space to interact through the internet. So, the government has ensured that people get better connectivity and education to train to use that technology. Then, it will be available to everyone. 

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