Describe a facility that you would like to have in your neighbourhood IELTS Cue Card

Describe a facility that you would like to have in your neighbourhood IELTS Cue Card


Describe a facility (like a park, hospital, shopping mall, sports centre etc.) that you would like to have in your neighbourhood.

You should say:

what facility it is
what could be done to make it happen
how people in your neighbourhood would benefit from it
and explain why you feel this facility is important for your neighbourhood.

Sample Answer

So there is this facility of having an institute of sports nearby in the neighbourhood because all the sports institutes are far from this. This facility has an excellent infrastructure and a place for indoor and outdoor sports. 

They have indoor badminton courts, indoor tennis courts, and indoor swimming pools for the outdoors, and there are many hockey grounds and basketball courts. Some of the courts or grounds fields are multipurpose as well. 

Certain things can be done to make that kind of infrastructure or place near the home by talking to the government and looking up areas that are unoccupied or used for other purposes. For me, there is this massive piece of vacant ground, and it mostly has their vehicles there. The ground can serve different purposes, and parking can be done at every person’s house. 

People will benefit from it because, in our society, sports should be introduced in every child’s life at the beginning of their school time and having a good facility nearby will help them to identify themselves and where their interest is because pursuing sports teaches and conditions a child in a certain way that they don’t fear challenges in life generally. 

This facility is essential for our neighbourhood because all these kinds of facilities, the indoor or outdoor grounds, are very distant, so it is not easy for the children here or the young people to go and pursue their sport, especially when the competition has picked up so much. So transport takes a lot of time, and if this kind of facility is nearby, it would greatly benefit all the people of all ages. 


1.What facilities or amenities do you consider essential for a well-rounded neighbourhood? 

For a well-rounded neighbourhood, the house should be in a community setting where the home should be around people and have a market where day-to-day items can be bought. The most essential amenities there are a health care centre, a hospital, a clinic, and an emergency setup that should be at a distance. But that about ship places, ship places should be nearby, a garden or a park should be nearby for everybody to have a pleasing surrounding and a great place to work around. 

2. How do the availability and quality of facilities in your neighbourhood impact your daily life? 

So, in my neighbourhood, there are a few parks, and in the morning, kids come out and play in the park, the older adults go for a walk, and the people who have to rush in the morning take some time and go in the evening.

Other places, such as religious places like a gurudwara or a temple, are also nearby. So people go there, take some time out, and meditate. These are the two places people find it good to go because it relaxes their minds. 

3. Can you describe any recent improvements or additions to the facilities in your neighbourhood and how they have benefited the community?

 A recent thing the government has done in my neighbourhood is to create cycle tracks on the main roads nearby, making it very convenient for people to walk on that track alongside the main road. People also switch to cycles and bikes, contributing to a healthy environment.

4. How do the facilities in your neighbourhood compare to those in nearby areas or neighbourhoods? 

If I talk about my neighbourhood, my place has almost all the components required for a living. It has a significant market, several parks and worship places, and two hospitals nearby. In contrast, if I look at some other sectors or localities, they have a distance from the hospital because the industry where I live has two hospitals, and from any other place, it will be from a distance. 

5. Does the presence of certain facilities such as parks, libraries, or healthcare centres contribute to a sense of community in your neighbourhood? 

Yes, having amenities nearby that people use daily creates a sense of belongingness, and they will do anything to protect that amenity. So, the sense of togetherness or unity comes from that. Nobody wants to disrupt the garden’s beauty because they believe it belongs to us and we belong to a place where we all have to use that amenity. 

6. Have you ever been involved in efforts to advocate for or improve facilities in your neighbourhood? 

Yes, I remember many issues when I was in 10th standard. During the monsoon season, the drainage was blocked, and there were a lot of problems because the roads were under construction. 

So, there were many accidents because of the slippery mud on the streets. So all my neighbours called for the help of some media because we had already reported the local municipal corporation, and they took no, they didn’t take any significant steps. 

So we talked to the press, and when the media telecast it on television, it helped us gain some help, which is how we helped ourselves. 

7. How do you think the availability of facilities in a neighbourhood affects property values and overall desirability?

Well, it is a fact that the property rates and value increase because of its surroundings. So, if a particular piece of land is present in an urban setting, it would have more value than a piece of land in a place where the locality is not built.

There are no amenities around because people prefer a house near a well-constructed area and want all the amenities nearby. So that is why, due to the increase in demand, people have increased the rates of the value of the land, which is in a place with many amenities. 

8. Are there any cultural or recreational facilities in your neighbourhood that you frequently visit or participate in? 

Yes, there are a few religious places nearby, and they conduct free services to the poor and needy people weekly and collect donations from the community. They go door to door, collect the funds, and after that, they arrange it. Sometimes, it is a food stall in winter, and sometimes, it is a clothing stall accessible to the people who need it. 

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