Describe an item that your country exports IELTS Cue Card

Describe an item that your country exports IELTS Cue Card


Describe an item that your country exports.
You should say:

what item it is
where your country mainly exports this item
how it helps your country
and explain why this is an important export item for your country.

Sample Answer

So, an item that my country exports to other countries is a food item, which is rice. Rice has been grown in paddy fields in parts of India, and various kinds of rice are cultivated in different parts of India.

 It helps our country grow because when we export rice, whatever money comes from that has been used, and various other goods or resources are being purchased from different countries that are not available in India.

It is an essential export item for our country because rice is one of the ingredients, and it is widely used across the globe. 

People are fascinated by the types and quality of rice, and they are included in their daily diet. Also, rice is one such ingredient or food item, which shows the historical aspect of the country as well because India is among all the nations and is the largest exporter of rice. 


What are some of the critical goods or products that your country imports?

 One of the major products which our country imports is petroleum. It has been imported for many years, and mostly, it is imported from Iran and other countries that have rich oil reserves. Other things may include the goods or the things.

For example, jute is, Bangladesh is the largest exporter of jute, but in India, West Bengal is a state where jute is cultivated, but more is needed. So, jute is imported from Bangladesh. 

How do import and export activities contribute to the economic growth of a nation?

All the countries are rich in some of the other things. They have calculated the amount of the resources they have and their usage. After that, whatever amount of the resource is left, they use it as a mode of transaction. 

Sometimes, it is like a swap, but on a vast scale. It creates a sense of dependency, which makes all the nations believe that every country has its own things and requires other stuff from other countries. So, they tend to maintain harmony because they are helping each other. 

Can you discuss recent trends or changes in your country’s import and export patterns?

 If I talk about a few decades ago, there were only imports and exports of things that were required, especially when I speak about imports. 

Only the bare minimum usage products or goods were being imported, but nowadays, India has advanced in every aspect or industry. So, that has led to an increase in the demand for and usage of the resources. 

So, after many decades, if I look at the country now, the government has begun to import many other resources that still need to be imported 20 years or ten. 

What are the main challenges and obstacles businesses face in import and export activities?

One of the significant challenges that import and export businesses face is during a war or when two countries don’t have healthy relations. Still, the company relies on imports and exports. So, there is a difficulty in the exchange of goods, and that will impact the business people. 

How do tariffs, trade agreements, and international regulations impact import and export operations?

So, many countries have war situations and do not have healthy relations. So, the dispute has affected the country’s imports and exports, which has decreased the amount of business. Okay, next is

 How do import and export activities affect employment and job opportunities within a country? 

When it comes to import and export, it involves businesses; it involves negotiation. So, people are required for marketing and sales. Besides that, imports and exports have contributed significantly to the transport industry. 

So, they are making good money from businesses dependent on imports and exports. Transport plays a considerable role. So, at many employment levels, many people rely on import and export businesses for their jobs. 

Are there any environmental or sustainability concerns associated with import and export activities that must be addressed?

Yes, if we take the example of countries exporting non-renewable resources. So, they need to be very careful about the amount of exports and usage in their country because these resources cannot be built over 10 or 20 years.

 It takes millions and billions of years to create that resource. So, sustainable development needs to be kept in mind, and there should be a calculated value that they should take care of by exporting the resource. 

 How do cultural differences and communication barriers impact international trade negotiations and business relationships between importers and exporters? 

When it comes to barriers or cultural beliefs, people have overcome them because there is a need for the transaction.

So, earlier, many challenges were being faced, but these days, people have hired employees dedicated to removing the barriers. So, that has created another employment opportunity, and people are working. 

 Do you know anyone who is a success story in the import or export business?

 So, I have heard about this person through my friends. He is currently exporting parts of various machines that are used in the construction of buildings. 

I’m inspired because that person is almost my age and has achieved many things in life. He has a fairly established business. He dropped out of college but never stopped educating himself, and education has never been a barrier for him. So, he is one inspiring story. 

How does global demand for goods and services influence import and export decisions? 

So, where there is a demand, the supply is automatically channelized, and if, for example, there is a global demand for some good and a country has that resource in abundance, then the country, if they agree, then they will supply that good to many other countries because it’s a global demand now and that will help that country to grow because they’ll make a good profit and margin from it. 

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