BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 17th Feb

BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 17th Feb



1. Can you tell me your full name?

 My name is Imran.

2. Do you work, or are you a student?

 Recently, I passed out my senior secondary from government school, and Nowadays, I am going on to further my studies.

3. Do you play video games?

 Yes definitely. Sometimes, I play video games because it is the best way to relax my mind.

4. What kind of games do you play?

 Well, I play games with my friends, like Ludo, chess, etc.

5. Do you have friends who are also into gaming?

 Yes, I have many friends, and sometimes I play PUBG with them.

6. What types of games do you usually play with your friends?

 I typically like to play games like Ludo and chess because they benefit our mental health.

7. Do you enjoy watching others play video games, like in live streams or

 gaming videos?

 Yes, I like to watch live streams and gaming videos because whenever I watch them, I get influenced to perform better.

8. How much time do you typically spend gaming in a week?

 On weekends, I mostly spend one hour on games because whenever I want to play games, my friends force me to play more and more.


Describe an interesting conversation you had with a very old person

Who this person is
Where you had the conversation
What you talked about
And explain how you felt about the experience.


Older adults have lots of knowledge about their lives, and if we talk with an older adult, we get lots of knowledge from him. I remember the last time I sat with my grandfather. My grandfather is a farmer.

He mostly spends his time on his farm field, and when I go to my father at that time, I get some knowledge. I remember the last time I went to my farm field, and when I sat with my grandfather, we had guffaws of laughter. My father taught me about agriculture, how to grow vegetables, and much other knowledge. My grandfather also suggested that growing plants in your home becomes beneficial because if we grow vegetables, it is fruitful for our health and so on.

Due to this, after that, I purchased some plants and seeds of vegetables, and I grew them on my farm. My grandfather helped me develop them. We also talked about other surroundings, like what you like to do nowadays and many conversations I had with my grandfather.

The conversation with him benefitted my health. And I suggest to my friends and my relatives to spend some time with older adults because they have lots of knowledge about our life and they have knowledge about how to live life smoothly and lots of other knowledge they have.


1. Can older adults and young people share the same interests?

 Well, every person has their own choice. Mainly, older adults like to share their thoughts about their surroundings, and the young generation likes to talk with their friends and wants to talk about film stars and movies.

 2. What skills can the old teach the young?

 Old individuals have many skills, like teaching youngsters how to keep their surroundings clean and pristine to have a good neighborhood.

 3. What skills can the young teach the old?

 Well, nowadays, most older people don’t know about technology. So young people should teach them how to use it, and they should teach them how to play some games to pass their leisure time with ease.

 4. Do you think the older adults should live with their family?

 Yes, older people should live with their family because, with the help of their family members, they remain safe, and in case they have some health issues, then the other family members can take care of them.

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