IELTS Speaking part 1: Jeans

IELTS Speaking part 1: Jeans

1. Do you like to wear jeans?

 Nowadays, most people like to wear jeans, which is fashionable because they want to take photos in jeans and look attractive in them.

 2. How often do you like to wear jeans?

 I like to wear it on special occasions when I go outside with my friends.

 3. Did you ever wear jeans at school?

 Yes definitely. The last time I was in my school, there was a function at that time. I wore jeans, but my teacher commented that jeans were prohibited in school.

 4. Why are jeans famous all around the world?

 Most people like to wear jeans because they look attractive and are rough and tough.

 5. Would you pay a lot to buy jeans?

 Well, I am not that type of person. I mostly like wearing cheap jeans like those available in the street markets. Some jeans are more affordable, so that’s why I want to wear that type of jeans.

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