IELTS Speaking Part 1: Rainy days

IELTS Speaking Part 1: Rainy days

1. Does it rain much in India?

 There are different types of seasons in India, and in the rainy season, especially during monsoon season, there is a lot of rain. 

 2. Does it rain much in your hometown?

 Yes, it rains in my hometown in the rainy season, and it is beneficial for my farm fields.

3. In what season does it rain the most?

 It rains the most in the monsoon season.

 4. What about other parts of India? Does it rain too much?

 In India, where there are more mountains, there is a lot of rain in that area. I remember that when I was in 11th standard, I went to a hilly area, and at that time, there was so much rain.

 5. Would you prefer more or less rain in your hometown?

 Well, every season is significant for farm fields and people. If rain is an average amount, then it becomes beneficial for every person, but if the amount of rain increases, then it becomes harmful for farm fields and also for people.

 6. Do you like rainy days?

 Well, yes, indeed, I like rainy days. At that time, I want to have a cup of tea at my home, stay at my house, and watch movies.

 7. How does rain affect different people’s moods?

 Well, there are some conditions, like every person having their own choices. Some people like to stay at home in the rainy season, but some people don’t like it because they like to go outside with their friends and spend some time with their family members.

 8. Do you prefer rainy days or sunny days?

 I prefer sunny days because at that time I quickly go outside with my friends to a nearby park but in the rainy season we do not go outside and if we stay home, it becomes tedious for every person.

 9. What do you do on rainy days?

 Well, I usually like to spend time with my family members. I had guffaws of laughter with them.

10. Do you think rain is good?

 Well, yes, I recently mentioned that if the amount of rain is on average, it benefits everyone.

11. How does rain affect your country?

 There are some conditions like in my country if rain is too much at that time people face lots of problems like they do not go outside on their bike and there are some other problems like if they go outside on their bike, then the road becomes slippery so the chance of accidents becomes more on that days.

 12. Is there any part of India where it rains little?

 Well, there is a desert area in Rajasthan where there is not much rain because that area is too hot and recently when I went there I also faced lots of problems like the area is too hot and due to this I’m not particularly eager to wear more and more clothes.

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