Young people prefer listening to music

Young people prefer listening to music rather than listening to the news on the radio. Is this a positive or a negative trend? Provide reasons and examples for your opinion.

Youngsters favour tuning to radio for listening to music instead of following the news on the radio. As per my opinion, this is a positive change. Listening to music is relaxing for the mind, and it also provides cost-effective advertisement opportunities for new products or services by new or existing businesses.

Music is relaxing for the mind and soul. Listening to music temporarily takes away all the stress that is, unfortunately, a part of the life of youngsters. Young children, while coming back home from schools or colleges, often listen to music which re-energises them, and they can focus on their assignments better once they reach home. Besides that, office goers, who often get stuck in heavy traffic while commuting to the office or back home, listen to music, and that keeps them relaxed. For example, there have been a lot of music programs on the radio where youngsters send their appreciation to the hosts and often share on how good they feel after listening to the playlists as it takes away their stress completely.

With more youngsters getting hooked to radio to listen to music, new music channels are launching now and then, which cater to the needs of a large segment of the young population. Companies use these new channels and advertise their products. They cannot reach the masses by spending less, but also save a lot of costs had they chosen to promote their products and services through other channels. For example, recently a new gym opened in East Delhi, and the only promotion took place from a radio station. The opening was a great success, and there was an immense crowd of the young population who enrolled in the gym.

To conclude, listening to music over the radio is a positive shift which not only helps the young population with relaxation but also provides businesses with a platform to market their product or

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