There are many female students who finish degrees in science IELTS Essay

There are many female students who finish degrees in science IELTS Essay

There are many female students who finish degrees in science IELTS Essay

IELTS Essay Topic

There are many female students who finish degrees in science and technology courses at university, but few move into the workplace after they graduate. Why is this? What measures can be taken to encourage them into work?

Model Answer

Numerous female students complete courses in science and technology at university, but only some take jobs after completing their university degree. This is because a majority of women believe that they need to take care of their families, and if they are working alongside they would have a hectic schedule. To encourage women to take up jobs they should be provided with flexible timings and other benefits.

There is no denying this conviction that going for jobs results in the utilization of almost half of the day. Globally, the timing of most jobs is nine hours, and it takes approximately two to three hours for individuals to get ready and travel to their workplaces. It leads to only half of the day for family time and other daily routines. As we know that women are the pillars of the family so they wish to spend more time with their families to increase social bonding between the family. A recent survey in France depicted that most women refrain from doing jobs because they have responsibilities to take care of their family members.

To encourage women to work, organizations should give them not only higher payouts but also flexible timings. When recruiting for female candidates, companies should ask them the timings that are feasible for them. Moreover, companies should provide them with other benefits like transportation facilities, child-care facilities, and week-off preference. It would result in more women opting for jobs as they would feel that they have the unabated support of their employer. For example, in Spain, companies provide women candidates with flexible timings and, this practice has led to an increase in women employees.

To conclude, women prefer not to work because they want to look after their families, but they can be encouraged to work by providing them with support and benefits.

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