Nowadays many families are rarely having meals together IELTS ESSAY

Nowadays many families are rarely having meals together

Nowadays many families are rarely having meals together


Nowadays many families are rarely having meals together. Why is this happening? Is this a positive or a negative development?

Sample Answer

These days numerous families are infrequently having meals together. The principal cause for this issue is a hectic schedule. In my opinion, it is a negative development because it weakens the emotional bond between family members.

In this contemporary epoch, most people have a tight schedule. Due to this, their hours for eating food do not match with other household members. Firstly, the working people usually leave early in the morning and come late in the evening. Apart from this, students have to make colossal efforts to shine in their careers. Hence, a sizeable portion of the time at their disposal goes to attending classes in schools and tuitions. India is the prime example, where students of the tenth standard spend on average spend close to 10 hours per day in school and other study-related activities.

This development is counter-productive for the psychological alliance of the family members. There is no denying this conviction that our family members take it as their bounden duty to help us during challenging times. Savouring meals together bestows an opportunity to discuss our joys and sorrows with our near and dear ones. On the other hand, having an intake of food alone could widen the gap between the family members. For example, whenever I discuss my issues with my parents while having breakfast with them, I get valuable inputs for making informed decisions, and this practice bridges the gap betwixt us.

To conclude, the issue of families not enjoying meals together is due to busy lifestyles. This practice is counter-productive for individuals and society because it negatively affects the family fabric.

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