Describe a fish market you visited IELTS cue card

Describe a fish market you visited IELTS cue card


Describe a fish market you visited

You should say:

Where this market is?
When and with whom you visited?
What did you see there?
How was the experience?

Sample Answer 1


Being a quiet person, I do not visit crowded places. However, recently I went to an overcrowded fish market.

Where this market is?

This market is on the outskirts of the city where I live.

When and with whom did you visit?

Last month I went to this market with one of my friends. The occasion was his birthday, and he wanted to serve the famous Goan dish called “Fish Curry” for his birthday party.

What did you see there?

The market had fish all around. There were numerous vendors selling fish of divergent types. Since it was the weekend, people from all walks of life were there.

The market is fully air-conditioned with a cafeteria inside. Many people were enjoying their favourite coffee while buying fish.

Since the market has adopted the fixed price policy, I didn’t see anyone bargaining there.

How was the experience?

The overall experience was terrible because a lot of slaughtering was taking place. Apart from this, the smell over there was weird. After spending half an hour, I found it difficult to stand there. 

 Being a vegetarian, I do not eat fish. And the prominent reason for adopting vegetarianism is that I believe that the planet earth is for all living beings.

Human beings should not utilize their dominant position by killing innocent fish.


That visit to the market was my first and the last one. Spending time over there was a daunting task for me, and I have no plans to go there again.

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