IELTS Speaking Part 1 Watch

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Watch

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Watch

Do you wear a watch? 

Yes, I wear a watch daily and have various collections, from expensive to cheaper ones. 

What type of watch do you prefer, analogue or digital? 

I prefer analogue watches because they give me a traditional feeling, and I don’t like digital ones. Because I have to charge digital ones first, it’s more complicated than analogue ones. 

Can you describe your favourite watch? What features do you like about it?

 I have a lot of watches, and among them, my favourite one is the Casio Diamond Edition.

It cost around 6000 INR, and I bought it two years ago. I love this watch because it’s very rare. It is a watch that has a metallic chain and silver shining diamonds. Therefore, it gives a different look, so I like it. 

How important is wearing a watch in today’s digital age when people use their smartphones to check the time? 

Some people like to wear watches even now despite all this technology, even though they prefer some digital watches like the Apple Watch and Samsung Gear, which are convenient and usually used to check the time. Sometimes, they use it to enhance their personality. 

Are watches more of a fashion accessory or a practical tool for telling time? 

Adding more things to our personality is more fashionable because, like in the past, the watch was usually used for watching the time. Still, now we have a lot of things available by which we can see the time, like smartphones and alarm clocks. We have big clocks where we can see the time, but the watch is, I think, only for wear. The purpose behind the watch is to make your personality better. 

What factors do you consider when buying a watch? 

If I have to buy a watch, the first thing I prefer is durability because I like the quality of the product. 

As I said, I have very expensive watches, so all my watches are durable and are from famous brands like Casio and Monster. So yes, the first thing I would see is the durability, and the second thing is its features. I prefer the analogue one, so I want to see its time and how it’s going, like whether it suits my personality. 

How have watches evolved? 

There’s a vast change, and it’s a remarkable change in watches due to technological advancement. 

As I said, we now have many digital watches that are convenient for the person. It’s very handy for a person with digital watches; you can see your messages and calls on your watches. All these features are newly imposed. So that’s the last thing I want to say about it.

The watches have evolved at a peak rate since the past era. Moreover, there are additional ways you can check your blood pressure and monitor your heart rate. 

Can you describe a memorable watch you have owned or seen? 

We have one Rolex watch; my forefathers gave us it. Firstly, it was worn by my grandfather, then after my grandfather, my dad wore it, but now I have that, and I wear this watch occasionally. So yes, we have a Rolex 1967 edition. So it’s very rare and expensive and feels close to my heart.

Are there any special occasions or traditions associated with giving or receiving watches as gifts in your culture or country? 

There is no such occasion to give a watch and wear a watch. A person can give watches as a gift like anytime there is no specific event for which we can gift watches. 

How do you think wearing a watch impacts a person’s overall style or appearance?

 The first thing a watch can do is make people look educated. It makes a person look educated and enhances their personality. Also, wearing a watch and seeing the time is a good thing. Then we don’t need to use the phone. 

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