IELTS Speaking Part 1 Dreams

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Dreams

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Dreams

Do you often remember your dreams? 

No, I don’t remember my dreams because I usually sleep deeply and don’t know what’s happening in my dreams. So I don’t dream at all.

Why do you think some people remember their dreams more than others? 

As I have heard, some people like to remember their dreams, especially nightmares, because they sleep deeply. Especially in the third phase of sleep, between 3 and 4 a.m., when most dreams occur. And then, they vividly remember their dreams or those related to their lives. 

Can you describe a memorable dream that you have had recently? 

Well, I don’t usually dream, but as I recall, once I had a dream in which it was kind of very weird like a group of people tried to kill me. And it was like a nightmare.

And I was very scared after I had that dream. As I remember, I knew that I couldn’t sleep well after three to four days of that incident.

So that’s a dream I remember. 

Some people believe that dreams have significant meanings or messages. What is your opinion on this? 

There is nothing related to the reality. It’s just a dream, like whatever we think in our daily life, what is going on. We only have those dreams. 

Yes, some people, some of society, believe dreams have significant meaning and are related to our lives. But in my case, these things do not exist.

Do you think dreams can reveal things about our subconscious mind? 

Yes. To some extent, we only have dreams about what is going on in our lives at that time. 

Even we have some nightmares like if you watch a good movie or maybe a scary movie, there’s a high chance you will get that dream about the same incident or like that. So, yes, dreams sometimes trigger our subconscious mind.

 Have you ever had a recurring dream? 

 No, I don’t have any recurring dreams. 

Do you think real-life experiences or emotions influence dreams? 

Yes, dreams are based on the things in our lives. 

It’s also based on our mood. For example, if we are happy and have a good night’s sleep, we have fewer chances of having bad dreams. But if you are sad and have some anxiety, then there is a high chance you will get a nightmare. 

So, whatever happens in our lives is demonstrated in our dreams. 

Do you ever try to interpret your dreams? 

I had one nightmare where some people tried to kill me. Over there, when I woke up, I realized why this thing happened to me. Then I realized that, like on the same evening, I watched a movie. It’s like a movie called Matrix War. It’s based on a killing and the violence and all. 

That may be why I had that dream.

Can dreams sometimes be a source of inspiration or creativity? 

According to me, it’s not true. But some people think it happened, like Albert Einstein; his theory says that he doesn’t find if he didn’t find any solution to a problem; he wrote the problem and put it under his pillow before sleeping. Then he had the dream, and in his dream, he liked solving problems. So, after that, he found a solution. 

However, according to me, it’s a myth. But for some people, it’s a true story. And they believe in this.

Have you ever been inspired by a dream to create something or solve a problem? 

 When I was in 12th standard at that time, I had a dream of going to Canada. And then, I was inspired to come to Canada. And finally, I achieved my dream.

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