IELTS Speaking Part 1 Sunglasses

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Sunglasses

Do you often wear sunglasses? 

No, I wouldn’t say I like to wear sunglasses, but nowadays I’m in Canada. I may have to wear sunglasses in the summer because the sunlight is very sharp here, and people can’t see when they see it. After all, it irritates the eyes. I also want to wear sunglasses for the summer. 

Do you spend a lot of money on sunglasses?

 Yes, if we want to wear sunglasses, we should buy brand new ones because they are very durable, and purchasing the most expensive glasses will take a long time. 

What do you think are the main reasons people wear sunglasses? 

It depends on the person. Sometimes, people like to wear sunglasses because they feel comfortable wearing them. And if I talk about myself, some people should wear sunglasses because of the weather. 

When we go abroad to a country like Canada, they always wear sunglasses in the summertime. Then they should have to buy it.

 How do sunglasses contribute to fashion trends? 

The sunglasses also contribute to the fashion trends because people in the jungle want to wear brand-new sunglasses to show off their personality. 

Apart from that, because nowadays most of the jungle spends a lot of time in front of electronic gadgets, they also have a significant sight. Due to this, they also wear glasses. 

Can you describe your favourite pair of glasses and why you like them?

 As for now, I don’t have any favourite pair of sunglasses. But I will buy it for me now that I am thinking about the Raven Black colour sunglasses.

 It is very comfortable, and I like these glasses because of the brand and durability, as well as the long-lasting of their life. 

Are sunglasses more of a fashion accessory or a practical tool for eye protection?

 These statements are factual because sunglasses are a fashion trend for some people, and they want to wear them to show off their personalities.

 If I talk about eye safety, the weather could be better because it is boiling in the summer and the sunlight is too strong. Many people can’t wear it.

 Then, people want to save their eyes from direct sunlight to the eyesight. That’s why they also wear the sunglasses.

 How do you think the design and style of sunglasses have evolved over the years? 

If I talk about the past, people wore simple sunglasses, like men and women did. They don’t have any preferable choice about it because, at that time, only older people wear sunglasses. 

But if I talk about nowadays, we have many options for design and colour choices because people are more aware of new trends through technology. Then, according to their choice, they have many options related to size and colour. 

What factors do you consider when choosing a pair of sunglasses? 

When selecting sunglasses, consider some of the following factors: First, I must choose the colour. Like transparent, black, and white, many colour options are available on the market. Moreover, we think about the quality of the sunglasses and then compare the prices with the different types of brands. 

Some people believe wearing sunglasses can make it harder to communicate with others. What is your opinion on this?

 I don’t have to wear the sunglasses. People feel uncomfortable wearing sunglasses because some of the reflections we can see from the sunglasses are different. But it’s very comfortable for some people who wear sunglasses daily.

 Do you give sunglasses as a gift? 

Yes, one time I gave sunglasses as a gift to my brother. At that time, I had left Singapore and bought a pair of sunglasses for my brother and nephew. They liked it because the Rayban company made it and the sunglasses are blue. 

Do you like to get sunglasses as a gift?

 Usually, I’m not particularly eager to get sunglasses as a gift. I want to give the gift that is made from my hand. But if somebody requests me to get it for their choice and comfort, I will buy it because they ordered it for me. 

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