IELTS Speaking Part 1: Stages of life

IELTS Speaking Part 1: Stages of life

IELTS Speaking Part 1: Stages of life

Topic # – Stages of life

Q1. Do you enjoy your current stage of life?

My current stage of life is full of fun and enjoyment for me. First of all, my dependence on my parents has reduced considerably. Moreover, I have learned how to handle conflicts adroitly. Due to this reason, I have gained immense confidence.

Secondly, I have started earning, and the currency in my pocket allows me to do things according to my choice. I have fulfilled many dreams in my life.

Thirdly, I am in the best stage of my life because my energy is at its peak, and I am leaving no stone unturned to carve out a niche. I am sure that I will lead my life toward an impressive growth trajectory.

Q2. In what stage of your life were you the happiest?

I am happiest in the current stage because I am young, and I have the freedom and money to live my life as per my terms and conditions. Moreover, technology has made inroads in our lives: the world is going through a paradigm shift. I am on the right path to rake in big bucks to have an opulent lifestyle.

Q3. Which stage of your life do you think is the most important?

I think all stages of life are significant, but the vital one is from twenty to forty years of age. During that time, you can make or break your career. After forty, our mental and physical capacity tends to decline. Therefore, it is worthwhile to work with determination, dedication and discipline in this part of our life.

Q4. What’s your plan for your next stage of life?

I have made a plan for the next stage of life. To live my balance years with ease, I work with dogged determination for the next 15 years, and I will save substantial funds for life after retirement. Apart from this, I will take utmost care of my health.

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