IELTS Speaking Part 1: Furniture

IELTS Speaking Part 1: Furniture

Do you have a lot of furniture in your home?

I live in a villa with six bedrooms. Due to the massive size of my house, we have used a lot of furniture to make our stay comfortable.

 Has anyone bought furniture for you?

In college, I found studying in the hostel room challenging due to a lack of infrastructure. During that time, one of my friends gifted me a study table, and he aimed to help me learn seamlessly.

What kind of furniture would you like to buy?

I like to buy furniture with a traditional look, and I do not prefer mica on the top. The wood quality matters to me the most while finalizing any timber item for my home.

Which furniture do you like best in your home?

The furniture, with a combination of durability and class, appeals to me. I focus very little on the design. For me, quality is the most significant parameter.

How has furniture design evolved from ancient civilizations to contemporary styles? 

In ancient civilizations, there was no furniture. People used to lie down and sit on the ground itself. With evolution, they started to make structures made of raw materials just for sleeping purposes.

But nowadays, various kinds of furniture are available on the market for different purposes, and everybody has a choice. So, if I talk about a chair, a chair has many variations in style, color, and material. So, it has evolved a lot. 

What factors influence the choice of furniture for different living spaces, such as homes, offices, or public areas? 

So, for homes, offices, or any public area, people have chosen suitable furniture, and the choice is made based on the availability of the sources and the requirements. 

Can you discuss the environmental impact of furniture production and the growing trend of sustainable furniture design?

 So furniture originated from its raw material called wood. To make wooden furniture, people have to cut trees, which is not a very sustainable or environmentally friendly way of proceeding. Nowadays, many other things are used, such as metal and plastic, for making good furniture, which is of good quality and durable. 

How does cultural heritage influence the design and aesthetics of furniture in different regions of the world?

 Their furniture differs in different regions of the world by having the basic idea of its authenticity. Furniture is made of wood, and wood is designed by engraving with a nail and a hammer.

Every piece of furniture has a different style and different texture. So, by looking at the design of the furniture, people can quickly tell where the art is, what the art form is, and where the origin of that furniture is. 

What role does design play in creating comfortable and functional furniture?  

The design industry has taken its pace, focusing on making the furniture more comfortable and aesthetic. Earlier, if I talked about a chair, they created a chair with no back inclination, padded seat, and no back.

But now, the design industry involves having a healthy spine for human beings because it is prolonged use and there is a lot of office work for people. So they have made it significantly easier to sit in one place and continue to enjoy it without backache.

 How do designers balance the aesthetic appeal of furniture with practical considerations such as durability and cost? 

Designers have a basic idea of making furniture, and they have incorporated it with many aspects like the material’s durability and how much they take care of the comfort of their consumers.

So, they understood body mechanics and designed furniture in a certain way that was aesthetic and appealing. At the same time, it is of good quality, durable, and comfortable for people.

 How does furniture contribute to a space’s overall ambience and functionality, and how can it enhance our daily lives?

 So, any room or space is defined by the kind of furniture that is placed inside. Aesthetics should be kept in mind when choosing furniture. The colour should be kept in mind, and your requirement for the material used for the furniture should also be considered. 

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