IELTS Speaking Part 1 Sports

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Sports

Q1. Do you like playing sports?
Since childhood, sports have appealed to me, and I can comfortably play indoor and outdoor games; cricket is the game I like the most.
Q2. Do you prefer individual sports or team sports?
I am a keen follower of team sports because they allow me to acquire numerous things like teamwork and leadership.
Individual games are my favourite because they permit me to play with a central focus on the game, which is a daunting task in team sports.

Q3. What sports are popular in your country?
My country is the 7th largest and 2nd in terms of population. Due to this, various indoor and outdoor games are popular here, but the most famous is cricket which is adored by a sizeable portion of our population.

Q4. Who is your favourite athlete?
My favourite athlete is a cricketer by the name of Mahendra Singh Dhoni. He runs like a bullet while playing cricket.

Q5. Why do some people like water sports?
To some people, adventurous sports appeal a lot, and they especially like water sports. Apart from this, some people indulge in water sports to fetch more details regarding the ocean and marine life.

Q6. Are boys and girls good at the same sports?
Although boys and girls are good at most sports, girls shine better in sports like gymnastics, where flexibility is the key, and boys excel better in sports requiring physical strength such as boxing and weight-lifting.

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