IELTS Speaking Part 1 Sharing

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Sharing

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Sharing

Did your parents teach you to share when you were a child? 

Definitely yes. My parents taught me how to share things with others. They also stated that I can value and build good relationships with others and create strong bonds with them through this hobby.

 What role does sharing play in maintaining strong relationships with friends and family? 

First, by sharing, we can build trust between two people. Apart from that, sharing is caring and an excellent way to show respect to others and the person’s value.

 How has technology influenced the way people share information and resources in today’s society?  

Technology has influenced the way we live because, these days, it is easy to share information. There are many social media applications through which people can share information. 

Moreover, sharing resources is also easy because various applications pick something from your place and deliver it to another place. And apart from this, transferring money has also become very simple. At the click of a button, you can send funds worldwide. So yes, sharing has become very easy because of the technology. 

Can you give an example of when and how you had to share something important with someone else? 

Yes, like one month ago, I shared my car with my friend. Usually, I don’t like to share a ride with anyone because I want privacy. 

But on that occasion, he was standing at the bus stop, and I was there, and I didn’t like that person, because my friend, because he, the first, is too talkative and always talks about unnecessary things and wants another person to be involved. 

So, for that reason, I don’t like his company. But at that time, I had to share a ride with him because he was requesting me as if he had no money. And so, for that reason, I had to ride a share, share a ride, which I didn’t want to do. 

Do you believe sharing resources such as food and clothing is a good idea with others? 

Food would be good if we shared it with our friends and family. If I talk about clothes, it will be a little personal because we don’t know how the people, the other person, can use them. So we can only share clothes with family or those we know very well. 

 What are the benefits of sharing in society?

 In society, like I said, sharing is caring. We can build a strong bond among the people if we share things, and it also creates trust and a blissful feeling for others to share the stuff by sharing the things.

What are some drawbacks of sharing things with others? 

The drawbacks of sharing could be the misuse of our things. For example, sometimes people don’t care about our gadgets or what we share as we do or as they are supposed to be. So, sometimes, people misuse our gadgets. Things for that reason, this could be the only drawback I see.

Do you think social media encourages or discourages genuine sharing and connection among people? 

It encourages genuine sharing and connection because distance is not a barrier. You can connect freely and easily without any geographical barriers. 

So people in any part of the world can financially support their friends and family or tell their other friends to help them. Social media is a great way to encourage this work. 

How should individuals promote a culture of sharing and cooperation in society? 

The individual should first share their things with others and teach their children, family, and friends to share and help people in need so they can create a better world and help others and create a better society. 

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