IELTS Speaking Part 1 Punctuality

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Punctuality

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Punctuality

How important do you think punctuality is in daily life? 

Punctuality is a good attribute that a person can pursue. Punctuality leads to a person becoming a good person. As we all know, time is precious. 

And I think punctuality is a really good value that a person can pursue in their life. And I think everyone should be punctual. And they should care about their time.

Are you usually punctual for appointments and meetings? 

Yes, definitely. In my school, there was a rule that you should be punctual at any cost. 

If we did not, we would have to endure strict punishment. Sometimes, teachers would send us home because we were late. Since that time, I have preferred punctuality, and I prefer it as my hobby. I’m habitual about this. 

So there’s no chance  I can get late in the meetings.

 What do you consider to be the benefits of being punctual?  

From my perspective, punctuality can describe a person as a professional because he cares about his time and others. He thinks he cares about his time and puts his work and assignments first, so a punctual person is like everyone’s favorite. 

How do you feel when others are late for appointments or events? 

I would be frustrated if someone is getting late for no specific reason. If a person does not care about his time, I don’t think he can stand on anything because time is precious. If he cannot manage his time and show his punctuality, that person cannot achieve something. 

So that’s what I think, think about the person who does not follow punctuality. 

What strategies do you use to ensure you arrive on time for important engagements? 

Yes, it seems very hard, but it’s not that hard because you can become habitual if you continue to do this. So, to remember my meetings and appointments, I usually get help from my Apple mobile phone; there’s an application called Calendar, which can alarm me one day before any specific meeting. 

So, like most of the things I remember, on my own, but sometimes if there is a hard or really important thing, I do take my mobile phone’s help.

 Do you think punctuality is more important in certain cultures or professions?

 Yes, punctuality is important in every culture and job sector because every job sector is based on punctuality. Set timing limits include nine to five jobs, seven to three jobs, and some overtime. 

And if a person starts neglecting this, I don’t think he can survive in the workplace. And, like, everyone hates a person who is always late without any specific reason. So, I think that punctuality helps us a lot in achieving success.

Have you ever experienced any negative consequences for being late? 

Well, it’s rare for someone like me to get late for work. 

But yes, it happened to me two years ago. I was on my way to work, but my car’s tire flattered during my journey. So, I had to park my car and replace my tire. As you know, changing the tire is a very cumbersome process. 

So, during that process, I was a bit late, like 15 or 20 minutes late. Then, like my manager, he was already frustrated by something ongoing in the factory. Due to that, when I went there, he just scolded me. 

But when I  described the whole situation, then he understood my problem. And he later apologized to me, and he’d say, like, your excuse was very genuine, and you are not the person who always gets late. So that’s my mistake.

How do you think technology has affected punctuality in modern society? 

In modern society, technology, yes, has a lot of impact.  It has both positive and negative impacts.

Sometimes, people are used to using things like phones, mobile phones, and other electronic gadgets.  They can distract from their agenda, like punctuality. Sometimes, they forget their meeting times, and sometimes, they forget the appointments. 

And if I talk about the positive development, I would like to take my example. I use technology like the calendar app to set an alarm for my appointments and meetings, which helps me attend my meetings on time. 

Do you believe that being consistently punctual reflects a person’s character or personality traits? 

Yes, like I said,  time is a very precious thing, and it makes a person’s reputation worldwide, like among all other people, and it also shows professional character. Like a person who always likes to do their task on time, they will achieve anything because they care about their time. This person is superior and can become a good person by following punctuality.

What advice would you give to someone who struggles with punctuality? 

If a person is struggling with punctuality, I know it’s a cumbersome process or it’s a daunting task to pursue this habit. But after continuing to do this, you will become habitual. For the starting phase, I think a person should write some notes, and he must put an alarm on his mobile phone. 

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