IELTS Speaking Part 1 Patience

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Patience

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Patience

How would you define patience, and why do you think it’s important? 

Patience is defined as the ability to stay calm in any situation. And patience is necessary for a person to adapt to daily life. Because with patience, we can achieve whatever we want, and a calm mind can lead to success. Hence, patience is needed in life.

 Can you share a situation where you had to demonstrate patience? 

Definitely yes. I am working as a team leader in my company. And over there, I had one trainee last year. He was new, and he barely knew about the stuff there. So I had to teach him. 

But sometimes, I had to repeat myself once or twice. Then, over there, I felt that, had some other person been in my place, he would have gotten frustrated easily. However, I kept calm and patient because I understood that a fresher needed learning time.

 Do you believe patience is a natural trait or something that can be developed over time? 

Well, it’s not by birth. A person has to develop this ability in life. And it’s on the person, and some physical changes also depend on patience.

 In what areas of life do you think patience is most crucial? 

Patience is necessary in every phase of life. It doesn’t matter what the situation is; we must remain calm and patient. Because a calm mind, like I said, can lead to many successes. 

When we have to do something, we need patience. We have to teach somebody, and then we need patience. Most importantly, patience is beneficial when making a major decision, like a life-changing one.

 How do you personally cultivate patience in your daily life? 

I keep calm and meditate for 15 minutes to develop patience in my daily routine. I usually do it twice, and it helps me to adopt patience.

 Can you think of a time when impatience led to negative consequences? 

One thing happened to me when I was about to buy my new phone. And like the shopkeeper said, the phone was not there. He said he ordered the phone, but somehow, it was delayed. But over there, I was eager. I very eagerly waited for my phone. 

And so I couldn’t keep myself calm, and I couldn’t retain my patience. So I refused to buy the phone from that person. Then I changed the shopkeeper and bought the phone from another shop. So, yes, over there, I became slightly impatient. 

What strategies do you use to maintain patience in challenging situations? 

As I said, firstly, I like to do meditation in my daily life. And it means a lot to keep myself patient. Apart from that, when I get feelings of frustration and something like depression, I take a deep breath and like exhale all the negativity. And then, by this, I can make my mind fresh, which helps me with patience.

Do you think technology has affected people’s level of patience?

 I can relate this to sleep deprivation because technology has grown rapidly in all parts of life. Usually, in mobile phones people are now spending a lot of their time on mobile phones, leading to sleep deprivation. 

There is a direct link between sleep and patience because if a person has sleep deprivation and a lack of sleep, he cannot maintain his self-discipline compared to a person who had a good night’s sleep. 

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