IELTS Speaking Part 1 Emails

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Emails

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Emails

1.Do you use emails?

I use email daily because I work for an organization. Then, we have to report to management and the client. We use email as a communication medium. 


What are the advantages and disadvantages of emails?

Email is very secure. It is the main advantage. All emails are recorded in our system. We receive attachments, which are good for sorting orders. We can search by subject or by text, and we can easily find emails. The disadvantage of emailing is that we cannot chat live. We have to wait for the delivery and then receive a response by email. It is time-consuming. However, Skype and Messenger are quicker for replying and chatting. 

3. Can you describe the last email you sent or received that was important to you?

 I received an email from my client for my appraisal. It was very important for me. My client sent me an email with the appraisal and new contract. 

4. In your opinion, what makes a well-written email? 

Every country has its format for emailing. There are some standards for email. We start by greeting: We type the subject. We have to write a related subject in the email. Then we have to greet. We mention the main purpose of the email in the body. We mention who the sender is and his position. 

5. How do you manage your email inbox to stay organized and respond promptly? 

We have a feature for sorting unread and latest emails. Whenever I open an email, I know some emails are unread and must be checked.

6. Have you ever experienced any miscommunication through email?

 Email is a secure way to communicate, and it is on track. Sometimes, we need to receive the email on time. Sometimes, it goes in spam, and we wait. That is a miscommunication because the client or other user sends an email and waits for us to reply.

7. Does email etiquette vary between personal and professional communication? 

It depends on the person and the purpose of sending. User keywords or data subject body must be related to the profession if someone sends a professional email. If we use a personal email, there is no specific email structure. We send it informally. 

8. How has the use of email changed over the years? 

Emails are now very popular. With enhancements in technology, people are now much better than before. So they use emails, and emails and features are also getting updated. There are a lot of features compared to the previous setups. Emails are going to be more popular in the future.

9. Has the significance of emailing decreased after the arrival of WhatsApp and Telegram applications?

 I do not think so because WhatsApp and other social media sites like Instagram and Telegram are used for chatting. Not for record purposes. Officially, we use emails. As a professional, we use emails. If we chat or have something urgent to announce, we use chatting software like WhatsApp and Telegram. But we prefer email for attachments and big data sending in an email.

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