IELTS Speaking Part 1 Movies

Yes, I use the computer regularly. I am a software developer, so I must work on the computer.

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Movies

Do you enjoy watching movies? 

Yes, I like to watch movies, and I enjoy them. 

What is your favourite movie genre?

 I like funny movies with a particular message. I want to mention the movie Three Idiots.

It is related to students. It has a very strong message about stress and how to handle it. 

Can you describe the last movie you watched? What did you like about it?

 The last movie I watched was Three Idiots. It is a student-related movie. It is based on the Indian education system. There is a lot of stress on students regarding covering their syllabus before exams and later jobs.

They stress about getting a job after completing their education. So, this movie provides a message on how to avoid and recover from stress. Refrain from thinking about other problems. Don’t think about society. Refrain from thinking about what other people say. Your life is very precious. Heavens will not fall if you do not study hard. 

Do you prefer watching movies at home or in a cinema? 

It depends from time to time. Whenever I am free and alone, I watch movies at home.

But I prefer to watch in a cinema when I am with friends, colleagues or family. 

What factors do you consider when deciding which movie to watch?

 I consider the story of the movie. What is the message delivered by the movie? I prefer to watch movies based on reality or interesting topics. 

Have you ever seen a movie that had a big impact on you?  

I saw a movie in the past. It is a biography of Mr. M S Dhoni. He is an Indian cricket team captain. He is a very cool and hardworking person.

The movie story has helped me to handle stressful situations and remain cool in hyper-tense situations. 

Is watching movies a good way to learn about different cultures? 

Yes, nowadays, movies are global. In different countries, movies belong to different cultures.

So when we watch movies, we learn about other state cultures. It encourages people to visit other places. 

What is the role of technology in movie production?

 It is a very necessary part of the production of movies. Nowadays, 3D movies and animation movies are also coming. So, technology is the most important part of the movie. 

Do you prefer to watch movies alone or with someone? 

I like to watch movies with someone. When we watch movies alone, sometimes we get bored. But when we watch movies with other people, it is more enjoyable.

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