IELTS Speaking Part 1 Birthday

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Birthday

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Birthday

How do you usually celebrate your birthday? 

I usually celebrate my birthday with my friends, and we like to go outside and eat a lot. And after that, if we want, we can go to some clubs to dance. Apart from this, sometimes I enjoy being at home with my family and friends. 

What is the most memorable birthday celebration you have ever had? 

The most memorable birthday I ever had was my sixth birthday because, at that time, my father organized a grand party. We invited all our relatives and my friends and the interesting thing about it is that I received many gifts there, hundreds of them. It was a very different feeling that I could not express, like how excited I was when I opened gifts, and that’s one of my memorable birthdays. 

Do you think birthdays are more important for children or adults? I don’t think so. Like any preference, there is only a difference in the celebration. Children are more excited about their birthdays than adults because adults, when they get their senses, usually think that birthdays are common. It’s a normal day, and it’s more important to the children because they enjoy the excitement and the importance of the birthday.

How do birthday celebrations differ between your culture and others? 

As I said, in my culture, most people like to spend their birthdays with their families and friends rather than at parties. They usually spend their birthdays at home. If needed, they can organize a little party in the backyard or maybe in their gardens, but if I talk about Western culture, most people organize a grand party. They invited their relatives and friends and apart from that some people like to go to clubs to enjoy their birthday parties. 

Are there any specific birthday traditions or customs in your country? 

There is no such custom and tradition. Our parents only ask us to go to religious places like Sikh people go to the Gurdwaras and Hindus go to the Temples where they seek blessings of the almighty for their long life.

 Do you prefer having a big party or a small gathering for your birthday?

 I prefer small birthday parties because I wouldn’t say I like crowded places and don’t like celebrating my birthday on such a big occasion, so I prefer small gatherings. It’s very good, like inviting close friends rather than many friends.

What is the best birthday gift you have ever received? 

I received a lot of gifts on my birthdays, but if I had to pick up one, I had to say it was a gift my father gave about three or four years ago. It was like the Apple mobile phone XS. It was newly launched, and I eagerly wanted that. I remember asking my father for it, but he denied it then. Still, he gave me a surprise on my birthday, as he gifted me a mobile phone, and I remember that I was very happy on cloud nine after receiving that gift.

How do you feel about getting older each year? 

It’s a good thing for me because, while passing the time, I’m getting my senses, and I become mature like every year, but the only thing I consider like I’m getting older. You know, my life is passing and sooner, like my childhood has gone and then my adulthood will pass, but now I’m like living in adulthood, it will also go, so that’s the thing I always think about my birthdays and getting older. 

Is remembering and celebrating the birthdays of family members and friends is important? 

Remembering the birthdays of your parents, family, and friends is a good thing because this is how we can show how much we love them. By wishing them their birthdays, especially at noon and the start of the day, we give them real happiness on their birthdays. 

Have you ever forgotten someone’s birthday? 

It happened to me often as I could improve numbers and remember dates. One incident happened with my friend Akshay because he was in India. I recently came to Canada; it was his birthday in the same month. Still, I just remembered because everything was new here in Canada for me. I was very busy here, so I completely forgot his birthday then, and I remember that he was unhappy because it’s never happened before, so I apologized to him. I sent him a very precious gift, a silver bracelet, and after receiving that, he was very happy, and he liked it, so yeah, he was very happy after seeing that. 

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