IELTS Speaking Part 1 Meeting New People

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Meeting New People

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Meeting New People

Q1. Do you like meeting new people?

Being a social butterfly, I love to meet new people because that bestows me with an opportunity to widen my friend circle and learn from the wisdom of others.

Q2. How do you feel when people welcome you?

I feel elated when people welcome me, and that feeling makes my day.

Q3. Do you often meet new people?

Being a youngster, I get opportunities to meet at restaurants, cafeterias, gymnasiums, parties and many more places and events.

Q4. Can you tell if you like someone when you meet them for the first time? Why?

Earlier I used to like people in the first meeting. However, with time I have changed my mindset, and I interact with a person three or four times to draw an opinion on whether I like him.

Q5. How often do you find yourself meeting new people? 

I don’t have much time to meet new people, but when I go to a celebration,  some new places there will if there is someone who wants to if I  get a chance to meet some new people, I will do that. 

Q6. What are some common ways people meet new friends in your culture? 

The main way to meet new people in our culture is there is in this in this generation. There are a lot of social media platforms where you can find new people and meet them. Most people use social media platforms to create relationships or friendships. 

Q7. What qualities do you look for in a person when meeting for the first time?

I will, I will; I have some thoughts on that because when I am meeting new people, I want to if I am spending some time with new people, I will check the person’s character. If it is the person, it is good to spend some time. I will spend some time with them. 

For some people, I will look at the background of the person. If I don’t want to meet people I know nothing about, I will ask them about their background. If I am interested in spending some time, I will do that.

Q8. Have you ever had a memorable experience when meeting someone new? 

I have many memorable experiences because I have a lot of friends, and I have a lot of them. I have met a lot of people, especially this year. 

So, when I am looking for a memorable experience, there is one that I get: I meet a new team member in my office, and we spend some time together. The person took me to a movie, and it was a very good time. At that time, it was very good, and we shared some new thoughts and are still in good connection. So, it is a very beautiful memory for me. 

Q9. How do you feel when you are in a situation where you have to introduce yourself to strangers? 

 It is very difficult for me to spend time with strangers because I don’t know that person very well. 

So, I will be getting distracted in that interview. For me, it is very difficult to spend some time with strangers. Thank you. 

Q10. Is meeting new people in person or through social media easier?

 It is very easy to meet new people now on social media because everyone uses social media platforms. So, if you can meet new people via social media, many people will not wait to meet on social media platforms and create new friendships and relationships.

Q11. What advice would you give someone who wants to improve social media? 

 The advice I want to give someone who wants to become better at meeting new people is to be more self-confident, be the first person to initiate the conversation, and not ask too many personal questions. 

Rather, appreciate that person. So, this way we can make new friends easily. Last question. 

Q12. Is meeting new people important for personal growth? 

Yes, it is very important for personal growth because when you meet new people, you can meet someone you don’t know. So, the person is very special. It will become a very beautiful memory for you. 

So, it is very special in our life to meet new people. 

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