IELTS Speaking Part 1 : Celebrity

IELTS Speaking Part 1: Celebrity

What qualities do you believe make someone a celebrity?

 If somebody can influence others, has fame, and is good at their actions, that person becomes a celebrity. 

Why do people become fascinated with celebrities’ lives? 

Celebrities’ lives live a life to showcase people. They gain their popularity by doing so. People get fascinated because they believe that celebrities are the role models. The style, power, and money inspire them. 

Can you name a celebrity who has had a positive influence on society? 

There is a classical singer. Her name is Maythali Raj. She was a contestant in a singing competition on television. People admire her work because she is perfect in how she sings. She is growing the culture of Indian classical music. She follows Western trends. She is putting India’s map on a global level. She is very inspiring. How do you think social media has changed how you interact with your fans? Sorry, sir, your voice is breaking. 

How do you think social media has changed how celebrities interact with fans?

Suppose I talk about the era when social media was not available to everybody; at that time, people used to have a glance at their popular culture. In Beijing, they used to queue and celebrate their presence. Now, social media is happening in its place. People follow their celebrities and favourite people on their apps, Instagram, and YouTube. These celebrities are making good money out of it.

What are some common misconceptions or stereotypes about celebrities? 

One of the most common misconceptions is that celebrities are always happy. Everybody is a person, and then she may be a celebrity. They have a family and their issues. They have their own stories. However, they only portray the good things on social media or in public. People assume that celebrities are rich and famous. Then, they might not be having any issues. But that is not true.

How do you think celebrity endorsements influence consumer behaviour and brand perception? 

This term is used for the person who represents that brand. The person is known as a brand ambassador. They are known as an ambassador for a reason. When they connect to that brand, the people who admire that person automatically tend to learn and buy that product. The popularity has something to do with consumer perception. If people admire a specific personality, they only think a little before purchasing the product.

 How do celebrities use their platform and influence to advocate for social and political causes? 

Social and political conflicts are a part of everybody’s life. But it takes hype in the news when it comes to famous people. It often leads to a change of thought and perception of their fans. The people who follow their celebrity wholeheartedly and are diehard fans, those people can have a similar perception on radio. 

How does the media shape our perceptions of celebrities? 

Media, in general, especially the paparazzi, who try to capture the real-life moments of celebrities, give them an edge simultaneously. They are also invading their privacy. So whatever media showcases to the world, people rely on it, not knowing what reality is and what is not. So, the media can be misleading sometimes. 

 What are your thoughts on the concept of celebrity worship?

 It’s good to admire somebody and get inspired by their personality. But having your take on several aspects which are very important to society is very important. You cannot blindfold yourself and follow the fame of somebody famous because they are good at what they do. People should have the intellect to think about issues and decide right from wrong. 

Do you wish to be a celebrity in the future?

 I don’t wish to be a celebrity in the future because fame is not for me. I have different plans in my life. I want to do things in a very different way. I want to have my personal life and live like a person who can celebrate things in the crowd. The disadvantage of being a celebrity is that they cannot enjoy the little things in life. I want to enjoy that, so celebrity is not one thing for me. 

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