IELTS Speaking Part 1 Books

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Books

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Books

Do you enjoy reading books?

 Yes, I like reading and am very good at it. I have numerous books in my house.

 I have a separate bookshelf made by my father because I have many books. In my collection, I have two major books that are my favorite and are close to my heart. One is the 48th law of interaction.

The other one is the story of Cinderella. You can also hear about it. So it’s a fairy tale story, which my grandmother used to tell me.

So these are the books, and I do like reading books. 

What genres of books do you prefer to read? 

Well, I have two books that I prefer.

One is linked with the personal life and motivational books. The other one is a fictional story. So, considering that, I would say that I love self-improvement and fiction books.

Also, sometimes I like romantic plus scary combination books, but it’s rare.

 How do you think reading books benefit individuals? 

Oh, there are a lot of benefits to reading books.

Firstly, we can enhance our knowledge. It’s like enhancing our knowledge about a particular thing, like with reading.  It also helps us to distract our minds from our daily work.

And it’s a stress buster for me. And a lot of people prefer books because of that. 

And if I talk about the children, they can learn the reading skills.

They can enhance their reading skills by reading books. They can also learn sentence-making and difficult words after reading books. 

What role do books play in education and personal development? 

In education, I think books, for educational purposes,  only enhance the knowledge about a particular topic. And if I talk about our personal life, it’s our choice, like what we want to read, whether it’s self-motivation or fiction, romance, scary, or based on a true incident. So just for the like our self peace, self-satisfaction.

 Can you tell me about a book that has significantly impacted you? 

Well, there’s one book I read in my sixth standard. It was a book about a famous person. I need to remember his name. He was in Indian politics, so his story was motivational because he was raised in rural areas.

We can call it slums in India. And then he, like, yeah, his name is Subhash Chandra Bose. 

So, I read his books, and he’s also a good author. That book is my favorite one and has also impacted my life. 

How has technology such as eBooks and audiobooks changed the way people read? 

No one can deny this conviction that books and technology changed the whole era of reading books. Like recently, they introduced tablets specifically made for reading books. Apart from that, they introduced some audiobooks for people who couldn’t read, especially older people and some children who like to hear stories.

So, with the help of audiobooks, we can listen to the books and the sentences in them. That’s why I think both changes have an impact on society. 

Is it important for children to read books? 

Definitely, yes. As I said, it’s directly linked to children’s cognitive ability and teaches some good values. Children can enhance their knowledge about the world by reading books. 

How do you choose which books to read? 

 If I talk about myself, I prefer fiction books and self-motivation books.

So yes, I would choose these two. And apart from that, it depends on my mood. I sometimes have cravings to read romantic and sometimes scary, but it’s not frequent.

 In your opinion, what makes a book a classic? 

The storytelling ability makes a book a classic.  Apart from that, the author’s ability to write how he described the story and how he liked it builds up the sentence structure and organizes the whole story. So that’s how a book becomes a classic.

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