Describe an interesting discussion you had as part of your work or studies IELTS Cue Card

Describe an interesting discussion you had as part of your work or studies IELTS Cue Card


Describe an interesting discussion you had as part of your work or studies.
You should say:

what the topic/subject of the discussion was
whom you discussed the topic/subject with
what opinions were expressed
and explain why you found the discussion interesting.

Sample Answer

An interesting discussion I had as a part of my studies was when I was in college. And the topic we had we organized a panel discussion on the subject of ovarian cancer because that was the ovarian cancer awareness week. 

We discussed that there were nine-panel members, including me, and I moderated the panel discussion with the other eight people who were panellists. We discussed the topic. However, we prepared the panel discussion in a manner with no last-moment hassles and difficulties. Still, we presented some interesting facts and opinions in that panel discussion. 

Everybody expressed their opinions in a very beneficial way to the audience. We discussed what ovarian cancer is, what are the risk factors, what are the signs and symptoms, and clinical manifestations. We also discussed a case study of 48, a 48-year-old female. 

She had ovarian cancer for the past two years, and she didn’t know after the deterioration of her health. When she visited to see a doctor, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Sometimes cancers can be dealing with cancers; it is very tricky because people get to the later stages of the disease, and then there are fewer chances of getting treated fully. Early detection and early assessment always help. 

Further, the panellists also discussed the management of the disease and how radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and a combination of both therapies help the patient. We also discussed the complications of the disease. It was very interesting because we organized the panel discussion in the final year of our graduation. In the final year, we study gynaecology and obstetrics as core subjects. It was related to our coursework, and it was very beneficial to everybody who was there. 

Talking about various diseases and malignancies in females is always of great help because it creates awareness among females. And none other than females can be an early detector for any abnormality or disease. So that was the discussion, and we all enjoyed it. 



What is one topic or issue that you are passionate about and would like to discuss with others?

One topic and issue is the spread of tuberculosis and the disease. It fascinates me whenever I study about this disease. It is one of the infectious diseases which is taking its place in the mortality rate among all age groups of people.

So people should be aware of the disease, know how to isolate themselves if they have tuberculosis, and how to protect other people who live nearby. 

Can you describe a recent news story or event that interests you?

 Recently, in the news, there was an inauguration of a very prestigious temple in the northern parts of India. People have been struggling with the opening of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, a place in Uttar Pradesh, India. 

That has been in the news for so many years because of a case in which there was a dispute between two religions. Finally, the people won and celebrated the temple’s inauguration on a large scale.

How do you think technological advancements shape the future of work, education, and human interaction?

 Advancements in technology are the core pillars that advance individuals’ lives and society overall. As technology advances, people have gadgets, and it has become very convenient for people to study and gain knowledge about whatever they want. 

Nowadays, learning new skills and getting vocational training is easier. People are building their skill sets and achieving great heights in their professional careers. 

Can you discuss the role of social media in modern society? 

Social media plays a vital role and is a part of everybody’s life, which seems irreplaceable. The average screen time of people has increased over the past many years. 

Most of the time, people scroll through social networking websites like Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. People are enjoying the entertainment. At the same time, beginners, brands, and start-ups are taking space through social media. 

Social media is very helpful for anyone who wants to gather an audience or consumers. It has become feasible for everybody to access the products that people could not access in earlier times. Social media in all has its positive and negative aspects as well. The positive aspects have led to a great amount of development in the society. 

What ethical dilemmas or moral challenges do you think society will face in the coming years? 

In the coming years, as families take, many people don’t feel like living with their families and reusing themselves. That is one issue that needs to be talked out. Loneliness leads to mental health problems due to busy schedules and the rush of the generation. 

Everybody is rushing to achieve good opportunities and professional growth. To fulfill that aspect, people tend to forget about their families and isolate themselves, which ultimately leads to stress and mental health problems. The decreasing size of the family is one issue that needs to be taken care of.

How do you believe climate change is impacting our planet? 

Climate change is impacting our planet in many ways. The weather and climate are different at specific times than before. Winters are colder, and summers are hotter. The glaciers are melting, and people are suffering from them. 

Even animals, water animals, and every species are suffering. Many species are getting endangered. In all the living beings of the globe, they are suffering. That can be taken care of by practicing healthy industrialization and sustainable development. 

Can you share your thoughts on the future of healthcare and medical advancements?

With the advancement in technology, the healthcare and medical domain have flourished. It will continue to thrive because of new equipment and better facilities for patient care. Everybody is very interested in taking up medicine and surgery as a career.

It’s good to see that many people are getting into the profession and they’re working hard. Along with that, many robots are involved in surgery these days. The whole medical and healthcare teams are getting stronger daily as technology advances. 

How will the medical advancements shape the quality of life for future generations? 

Life would be better if there were enough medical facilities. The number of diseased people is going to be around for a while. Suppose there are advancements in healthcare facilities and people are getting the services easily.

In that case, it will be available for everybody without discrimination, and people can heal from their problems. If the treatment aspect is strong, so will the awareness and prevention aspects. That will lead to a healthy community. 

What are some of the most pressing global issues that require international cooperation and collaboration?

 The most important issue is climate change. Climate change is an issue for the whole globe. Countries should come together to take measures for a better future for the coming generations. Another issue is animal safety. 

As the species are endangered, the food chain and the ecosystem are disturbed. All the living beings rely on each other. Animals should not be exploited to achieve advancements in technology.

These days, many trials are being done on animals. That needs to be done, but it should be done in moderation. Things should be taken care of so they don’t disturb the natural ecosystem, flora, and fauna. 

How do the arts, literature, and culture influence society and shape our understanding of the world?

 The arts and literature display how rich the culture is. It showcases the history of that culture. It can shape today’s world. As we advance in our lives, we must look back to our culture and how the people were. 

There are many malpractices that we unknowingly commit in our daily lives. We should always check our ancestors and how they used to do things. We should understand the basic principles and apply them to our lifestyle for a better living. 

Can you discuss the importance of critical thinking and open-mindedness in engaging with diverse perspectives and challenging ideas?

Diverse practices and challenging ideas need to be taken care of because they can be a reason for a conflict on a bigger scale.

People should think critically and understand the priorities and importance of the issue. How could things take a bad turn? They should avoid that. They should understand the importance of harmony and peace.

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