PTE Academic writing essay Foreign languages should be compulsory in primary school.

PTE Academic writing essay Foreign languages should be compulsory in primary school. How far do you agree with the above statement?

Sample Answer

Primary schooling is considered the most important basic level of learning as subjects taught in this curriculum plays a fundamental role in children’s future. Due to this reason, many countries are starting to put a foreign language subject into their curriculum, while other states still practice this subject in the secondary stage of education. This essay will examine those critical reasons why students should start learning a foreign language at primary school. It is because it helps juveniles learn a new language more effectively at a young age, and many media around them in this globalising era are foreign.

The basic level of learning is a significant part of human learning abilities. For example, we learned how to write in our native language from this stage and then developed it at secondary and tertiary levels. The basics of these skills help us a lot in developing other steps. Imagine if we started to learn our language at secondary school, it would have been the most difficult to study or expand it, and it also would have been too late as at this time, we are expected to learn more than a language at the secondary level.

This essential skill of a new language helps our juveniles learn the world more accessible such as understanding other cultures. So far, many knowledgeable sources are in English, for instance, the internet, television and visiting people. These things provide the children with an excellent opportunity to learn new things. Moreover, young kids can continue their secondary school abroad with this second language skill.

In conclusion, studying a new language at primary school is necessary in this globalising world. It helps young students to have more chances to communicate and learn outside their cultures, opinions and knowledge.

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