BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 10th November

BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 10th November



1.What is your favorite type of music, and why?

My favorite type of music is Punjabi music for the reason that it contains a lot of beats. Apart from this, the lyrics are also enchanting.

2.How often do you listen to music?

Being a music enthusiast, I listen to it whenever I have free time.

It starts in the morning while having breakfast, I listen to music,

then for driving to my work, while driving, I listen to music. And in the afternoon, during lunch, I listen to music and then finally in the evening when I go for a walk I listen to music.

3.Do you prefer the live performances or recorded music?

I prefer live music performances because, during those, you can get the natural feel of the music; you can raise the request for the song you want.

So that’s why live performances are better than recorded music.

4.Have you ever learned to play a musical instrument? 

Yes, I have tried my hand at guitar. I took a course for two months.

I have yet to become an expert, but I know the basics of playing with guitar.

5.Can you tell me about a musical event or concert you attended recently?

Recently, I went to a show by the famous Punjabi singer Babu Maan. It was in a college near to my residence. I went there with my four friends, and we had a gala time over there. We danced, and so the excitement I had that day will always remain etched in my memories.


Describe a famous person you admire. You should say:

  • Who the person is
  • What this person is famous for
  • How you came to know about this person
  • Why you admire them


Although I have learned about various famous people in my life, one of them has done tremendous work, and hence he’s worth mentioning.

The name of the person is Mr Mukesh Ambani. He is the managing director of Reliance Industries Ltd., and this person is famous for doing things beyond the conventional domain.

For example, about ten years back, he launched Jio Mobile, on which he started offering free voice calls, which was not the case during that time.
He is famous for doing out-of-the-box steps, and I came to know about this person when I was in college. During that time, I watched a biography of him.

There, I came to know about the good things he had done, and I admire him for many reasons. The biggest one is that he has this central focus on solving the pressing problems of the people, and that is the motto of his business.

So he does tremendous things in a short period. Whatever benefits he can pass on to his customers, he does so that people from all walks of life admire him.

Due to his initiatives, unemployment in my country has really reduced incredibly. Because he made the internet available at a meager cost, and due to that, many people have started earning money as content creators for various platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

So, Mr Mukesh Ambani is a blessing to our country, and I wish him all the best in his future endeavors.


1.In your opinion, what qualities make a person famous?

To become famous, you need to do something out of the box, or you need to be very good at entertaining people.

If you have any of these qualities, you can become a famous person in today’s era.

2.How do famous people influence their followers or society?

Famous people do various things to influence their followers, like working for a social cause, donating money, being with ordinary people and understanding their problems, or giving a particular promise.

So these are the things they do.

3.Do you think celebrities have a social responsibility to set an excellent example for the public?

It’s an essential thing because celebrities have a lot of influence on young people.

In this case, they promote harmful products and services that are counterproductive for society; their followers will embrace them. So that’s why they need to be selective, and they must set a good precedent.

4.Are there any drawbacks to being a famous person?

Yes, one of the major drawbacks is that you do not have any private life.

Whenever celebrities go out in public, people keep on chasing them, and due to that, their privacy goes for a toss.

5.How do people’s perceptions of famous individuals affect their own life’s behavior?

It affects even lives and behaviors in a way that if the celebrity you admire is an angry young man, you adopt that attitude in your life.

On the contrary, if the person you admire is a celebrity who does good things for society, you try to follow in his footsteps. So this is the way it affects your life’behaviorur.

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