9 July 2022, IELTS Exam, Writing Task 2, Morning Slot, INDIA

9 July 2022, IELTS Exam, Writing Task 2, Morning Slot, INDIA


Nowadays in many countries, women have full-time jobs. Therefore, it is logical to share household chores equally between men and women. To what extent do you agree or disagree with the statement?

Sample Answer 1

These days in numerous nations, females pursue full-time jobs. Hence, it is rational to divide household pursuits equally between men and women. This essay is in solidarity with this statement because it will lead to better relationships between the partners and increase the earnings for the family.

To begin with, by sharing the household work equally, the life partners can strengthen the bond betwixt themselves. Because since time immemorial, women have been considered inferior to men, and due to that, they remain deprived of the respect and honour they deserve. Involvement in household tasks by men would create a good aura in the families and society: consequently, the admiration of both genders for each other would increase manifold. Hence, it would lead to a better understanding between the family members. Japan is a prime example in the whole nation the altercations between life partners are lowest due to equal sharing of household responsibilities.

Moreover, this development would generate more funds for the family. Because when women work full time, they do not have much energy at their disposal to do the household task adroitly. And, when they have to handle the dual responsibility of managing home and office work, their output at the workplace declines. By getting unabated support from their life partner in household chores, women can do their job with determination, dedication and discipline. It would help them to earn more from their work for their family. For example, The Times Of India recently reported that the average earnings of those families which share household responsibilities are higher than those that do not.

To conclude, sharing household responsibilities equally between life partners is a prudent approach leading to a cordial relationship and procuring more funds for the family.

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