3 Sep 2022, IELTS Exam, Writing Task 2, Morning Slot, INDIA

3 Sep 2022, IELTS Exam, Writing Task 2, Morning Slot, INDIA


Some people think that modern games can help children develop a wide range of skills, but others argue that traditional games can be much better for developing such skills. What is your opinion?

Sample Answer 1

There is no denying this conviction that games are useful for children’s physical and mental development to some extent. A few individuals opine that playing games in conventional ways is more efficient and effective than in contemporary ways to promote children’s abilities. I am in full solidarity with this viewpoint.

Traditional games empower children to uplift their intelligence quotient, physical strength and social skills because these games are usually offline pursuits, which motivate the players to be total involvement. Through regular indulgence in the game, children train their bodies and brain to move or encourage them to converse or compete with others. For example, football or basketball children are generally more robust than their peers and have better soft skills because they often need to communicate with their teammates to frame strategies to beat the competition adroitly. If children focus on playing electronic games instead of leaving the comfort of their homes with friends, it is challenging for them to converse with others.

On the contrary, those having counter-opinion may argue that the youngsters who play games on the internet possess better teamwork and soft skills as the proportion of team works is higher in multiplayer games than in traditional ones. To explain it further, turning on their microphone and conversing with teammates from divergent nations worldwide permit the faster growth of social skills. Nevertheless, those playing internet games still don’t improve many abilities because they do not get the opportunity to play in a real environment. It is because people generally pay more heed to the game’s activities rather than communicating with their teammates, which confirms they still do not develop socializing skills compared to those who play outdoor games.

To conclude, contemporary games, such as electronic games, might promote communication, whereas traditional games lead to the holistic development of children.

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