Top ten adjectives to describe someone

Top ten adjectives to describe someone

1. Ambitious: Someone who works with determination, dedication, and discipline to achieve their goals.

Example: Andrew is highly ambitious from his budding years, and that attitude has paid him rich dividends.

2. Compassionate: Exhibit empathy and kindness for others, especially during challenging times.

Example: John is compassionate enough to support the weaker sections of society.

3. Adventurous: Desirous to engage in risky activities and try new pursuits.

Example: Carol is quite adventurous, leaving no stone unturned to engage in challenging tasks.

4. Resilient: Able to emerge from challenging times and demanding situations.

Example: During tough situations, those who are resilient come out quickly instead of those who do not try,

5. Innovative: Creative and capable of thinking beyond the conventional domain.

Example: Thomas Edison was innovative from his budding years, which helped him make numerous discoveries.

6. Confident: Self-assured and have implicit faith in their potential.

Example: Mahendra Singh is a confident captain, and other skippers seek flashes of inspiration from him. 

7. Honest: Exhibit utmost sincerity and transparency in their words and deeds.

Example: The nation’s growth thrives primarily on honest politicians who work hard for economic progress.

8. Loyal: Reliable and committed to providing unabated support to others.

Example: Andrew is a loyal employee whose employer has implicit faith in him.

9. Empathy: Understanding and being able to communicate the sentiments of others.

Example: Being empathetic, I always support the weaker sections of society unabated.

10. Charismatic: Having a persuasive appeal and magnetic qualities.

For example, Virat Kohli has a charismatic personality and a fan following worldwide.

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