Running in a sentence

Running in a sentence

1. Running fast and keeping a strong vigil on the opponents is a must-have for winning a race.

2. Swearing is a compromise betwixt running away and fighting for the cause. 

3. Andrew has this uncanny knack for running uphill every weekend.

4. Lucy was busy listening to music and hurt her head by running against a wall.

5. There is no denying this conviction that running downhill is an easy task as compared to uphill which seems daunting

6. After running fast many people experience a jump in the heart.

7. As I passed my exams with flying colours my friends came running to meet me.

8. He was in extreme discomfort after running up the steps.

9. The police headed off the running thief.

10. Who accompanied you for running this morning?

11. The credit for his strong leg muscles goes to running.

12. Although he had paid in kees, he came running to greet us.

13. She was in a mud pool after running in the rain.

14. I saw him running in the park yesterday in the wee hours.

15. His dog is well-trained. On one whistle, it came running.

16. Due to unavoidable circumstances, we have revamped the running order.

17. The routine of running errands for his sister has tired him.

18. I quenched my thirst by having coconut water after running 2 miles.

19. Running away from pressing social problems is not the solution.

20. It is imperative to wear suitable sports shoes when running because they provide a cushion

21. We did not like our journey, although our car was running perfectly.

22. His running commentary, anecdotes and short stories were excellent.

23. As it was as warm as toast, I lost my breath while running.

24. The demand for coal is running low due to the availability of alternative fuel sources.

25. My nose is running due to a recurrent cold and cough.

26. His opponents were running scared due to the strength at his disposal.

27. The pilot had kittens because the plane was running low on fuel.

28. John has become an expert at running the house.

29. He has earned the dubious distinction of running a notorious extortion racket.

30. She performed her role well by providing a running commentary on the festivities.

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