Talk about a recent outing you had IELTS Cue Card

Talk about a recent outing you had IELTS Cue Card


Talk about a recent outing you had

Please say

Where you went

Who was there with you

What you did

and explain why you remember this outing.

Sample Answer


Being a travel enthusiast I have been on many outings. Recently I had one outing which is etched in my memories, hence it is worth mentioning.

Where you went

I went for an excursion trip to the city beautiful of Chandigarh

Who was there with you

I went here with my college friends

What did you do?

We did many things together, Firstly we spent some time in the Rose Garden which was on our way. There we had a gala time together as we clicked a lot of pictures and selfies. Apart from that, we had breakfast which we all brought from our homes.

After that, we visited the world-famous Rock Garden which is built from waste. There we enjoyed swings and slides. We tried making artefacts from the waste lying over there. The task was time-consuming but entertaining.

Adjoining the Rock Garden there is Sukhna Lake where we spent three enchanting hours. Firstly we had boating and after that, we played volleyball in a vacant area nearby.

In the afternoon we all felt hungry and to pamper our appetite we cooked our lunch in an open area. One of my friends brought some snacks from his home which we grilled on a barbecue. The food was mouth-watering and we savoured it a lot.

In the evening we went to the famous sector 17 Chandigarh. There we did some shopping and ate street food.

We ended our outing by eating ice cream

Explain why you remember this outing.

I remember this outing because, after a long time, I spent time with my college mates because due to the Corona Pandemic, we didn’t meet much for two years.

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