Many people think regions affect successful persons PTE Essay

Many people think regions affect successful persons PTE Essay


Many people think regions affect successful persons. What are your opinions about native regions and accomplished person influence on the regions they belong to?

Sample Answer

In this contemporary epoch, the environment is in dire straits. The government, organizations, and individuals have to play their respective roles to undo the environmental damage because higher authorities have the right to make policies, and individuals must understand their duties.

Government has to play a vital role in fixing this pressing problem. There is no denying this conviction that it is the bounden duty of the higher authorities to adopt stringent yardsticks and implement those because the government has a mandate from the people. Japan is a prime example where the government developed environmental policies ten years back, which played a vital role in down lift ecological problems.

On the contrary, Organizations and individuals have a definite responsibility to follow the rules and practices to save the environment. It is intuitively true that higher authorities can only solve these pressing problems of society with the unabated support of the people. For instance, an initiative by the Prime minister of India to keep the surroundings clean significantly contributed to spreading awareness and protecting the environment.

To conclude, to recover from environmental damage, the higher authorities, organizations, and individuals need to collaborate because all are responsible for this damage and have to make significant contributions.

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