IELTS Speaking Part 1 Text Messaging  

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Text Messaging  

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Text Messaging  

Q1. Do you like texting?

Yes, texting appeals to me. I believe it is a prudent method to converse because sometimes expressing our feelings face to face is a daunting task for us. In such a scenario, sending text messages is a worthwhile way to communicate our message to others.

Q2. Do you prefer sending or receiving messages?

In my opinion, both sending and receiving messages have their significance. Therefore I prefer both depending on the situation. Whenever I don’t have sufficient time at my disposal to converse with someone, or I do not have the wish to talk, then sending messages is the prudent approach for me. On the contrary, my official communication usually happens through receiving messages.

Q3. Have you ever received a confusing text message?

Yes, on numerous occasions, I have received confusing messages from my near and dear ones because they have this uncanny knack for using short forms, which puts me in a state of confusion most of the time.

Q4. In what circumstances is making a phone call better than sending a text message?

In some cases, the message I wish to communicate is a long one. In such a scenario making a call is a prudent approach for me.

Apart from this, in the case of an emergency or unforeseen contingency, I prefer to make calls because sometimes the receiver ignores the text message.

Q5. Have you ever had difficulty replying?

Yes, on a few occasions, I encounter issues while answering someone. When someone requests me to borrow something significant, it is a daunting task for me to say no because I do not have the habit of hurting the feelings of others. Moreover, I refrain from replying when someone asks me personal questions.


Q6.How often do you send text messages? 

Well, I send text messages quite a lot of time.

It’s really hard to guess any specific number. Well, I think around 100 times I send messages, 100 messages I send like usual. 

Q7.Who do you usually communicate with via text message?

 Well, if I had to pick some people, I would choose my supervisor.   He’s my supervisor, and I have to talk to him a lot for various purposes regarding my workplace.  Apart from him, I also have a great chat, usually with my girlfriend.

She lives quite far from my house, so we usually talk on chat, but we don’t have any specific chat messages. We just share memes and sometimes jokes and sometimes just for normal talk about her work and all. 

Q8.What do you think are the advantages of texting compared to calling?

 Well, I think introverted people are the ones who get help from text messages because some people cannot express their feelings on the call, and some of them are shy.

They cannot express their views and feelings towards the person by calling. So, I think text messages are very blessed for that section of society. 

Q9.How has text messaging changed the way people communicate? 

Well, like in the past, we have used keypad phones, and it’s really hard to send a text message to them, so people usually prefer to call instead of messaging.

 Currently, we have touch phones, and people have a lot of options, such as using emojis. We can attach our attachments like file messages, and we can express our feelings very well in text messages. So I think that’s the change, and yeah, apart from this, there is a huge change in the cost. Also, like in the past, we had to pay some amount to send messages to the receiver. Still,  it’s totally free, and we can send unlimited messages through various applications. 

Q10.Do you prefer texting or talking on the phone? 

Well, I prefer to send messages rather than call because, as I said, introverted people and people who are very shy to talk to someone on call; I am one of them.

So, I prefer to call. I think I can express my views better via text messages rather than calling. 

Q11.What kinds of messages do you usually send?

 Well, I usually send messages regarding my work, like my schedule, what I have to do, and what permission I need. It’s usually work-related, but apart from that, I usually send messages, not messages, kind of like reels, videos, and other kinds of general messages to my friends.

Q12.How do you feel when someone doesn’t reply to your text message? 

Well, I think it’s frustrating when someone ignores our messages because sometimes we need an immediate reply, but sometimes it’s like silly messages when we don’t care about the reply. So, I think I was very frustrated. I was getting easily frustrated at the initial period. Still, now I understand that some of the people were engaging in their work, and they are occupied, so for that reason, I think it’s justified if someone is not sending you messages. Yes, it’s a frustration, but we need to understand why people are not sending us replies immediately.

Q13.Do you think texting has affected language and communication skills? 

Texting definitely yes hinders our communication skills because texting, we don’t really, we don’t care. We do not care about our spelling and mistakes. We are just sending messages, and I see a lot of people texting in English, but they use their languages. I think it is really a great concern for the people, and it is not a good thing. I think we should text messages in a specific language.

Q14, What etiquette do you think people should follow when texting? What etiquette? 

I think that to show etiquette while messaging, people should be polite and patient if they have to ask or say something. Apart from that, in a general talk, we should care about our messages because there are a lot of chances to get fraud throughout the messages. So, we should avoid sharing personal things, like personal photos and sensitive information, in messages.

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