IELTS Speaking Part 1 Robots

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Robots

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Robots

How do you feel about robots assisting humans in various tasks? 

 The assistance of robotics is necessary, and many companies are pursuing it worldwide. And yes, with the help of robots, we approach the peak of life, which is impossible without the help of robots and artificial technology.

And yes, with these things, robots help us in many different ways. 

Can you describe any robots you have encountered or seen in real life or the media? 

Well, till now, I only encountered two robots. The first one I have in my factory is a robot. Earlier, we had to accommodate five people to do that work. 

But then my company decided to impose one robot, and they imported the robot from Germany. Then, the robot can handle the five people’s tasks simultaneously, which is good. Apart from that, my aunt has a mop robot; the mop robot is a robot that can identify, can like a mop on the floor, and can clean anything on the floor on its own.

And it can clean itself. Its artificial intelligence makes it very popular among the people. And now many people are buying the same to clean their houses.

In what areas of life do you think robots could be more beneficial? 

No one can deny the jobs in the industrial sector that we need robots in industrialization. 

Apart from that, robots are now gaining popularity among people in household chores because people have become workaholics and barely have time to clean their houses. So, in that case, the small robots can clean their house and help them with household chores. 

What potential challenges or risks are associated with the widespread use of robots? 

The only disadvantage I can see, and I can say, is that robots have now replaced humans, which creates unemployment worldwide. And it could be a disaster. 

It seems trivial, but I think it’s a grave concern and could lead to disaster for humanity. So, apart from that, the too much use of artificial intelligence in robots makes them superior to humans. And I think that could also be a grave concern.

How do you think the development of robots will impact employment opportunities in the future? 

As I said, artificial intelligence already made robots superior to humans. The companies that sell robots show that they can handle multitasking and will completely replace humans in many job sectors, creating unemployment.


And things will continue in the future, and that’s not a good approach. So, yes, that’s an impact only robots can have on society. It can also increase productivity and industrialization with a positive impact. 

However, its negative aspects could still be addressed. 

Do you think robots could ever possess emotions or consciousness? 

Not. I don’t think so. Robots are machinery at the end, and we cannot trust machinery. And sooner or later, they will get discarded because, like every machine, they have a lifespan. And it’s just a machine, and we can’t teach moral values and emotions to the robots, Not now and not in the future.

What role will robots play in everyday life in the next 50 years? 

In the next 50 years, the world will see robots working with them like they are rubbing their shoulders. 

And yes, we can see robots in many aspects of life, such as industrialization, factories, and workplaces. And yes, our scientists will approach the like like our scientists plan to send some robots to Mars and other planets. So we can. They aim to find a galaxy, a new planet to us, where we can live. 

By 2050, we can reach that mark, and we can see a lot of changes in humanity. 

Have you ever used any robotic devices or gadgets in your daily life? 

Not in daily life, but I usually use robots at my workplace. As I said, we have one robot to work in our factory. We needed to program it so that it could do that work. So I like it not every day, but whenever we have to change the product, or we need to instruct it to mould the product in certain sizes or make some changes, I have to do some measurements within the robot. So that’s the only part of my life where I use the robot. 

If you could have a robot helper, what tasks would you want it to assist you with and why?

  If I have a robot, I would like him to drive for me as I’m very bad at driving. Good. I’m scared because I had a very major accident last year. 

So after that, I was a little scared to drive at night, and I worked the night shift. So it’s challenging for me. But if I get an opportunity, I would like to have a driver, or I could buy a driverless car similar to a robot.

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