IELTS Speaking Part 1 Reading

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Reading

1. Do you like to read books?

Being voracious, I find immense interest in reading books. I developed this habit in childhood, and books were my best friend from that time.

2. Do you ever visit the library?

Since childhood, I have had this habit of visiting the library to find books of interest. Fortunately, there is a library in my neighbourhood, and whenever I have free time at my disposal, I go there and read the content of various types.

3. Do you prefer reading books or watching films?

Although video content is emotionally enriching, it cannot match the benefits of reading. Reading is an active activity where your central focus is a must. On the other hand, watching films is a passive pursuit because it allows you to multitask, like ironing clothes, surfing mobile or some other activities.

4. What was your favourite book or story when you were a child?

The best story I heard in childhood was of a farmer and his five sons who always used to fight over petty issues. The farmer was really upset, and he tried his best to convince them but did not get success.

Then he planned to teach them a lesson, and he gave one stick each to his sons and told them to break it, which was an easy task for them.

Afterwards, the farmer gave his sons a bundle of five sticks and told them to break it. His sons tried hard, but they could not break it.

Then the formal told his sons that unity is important because if they stay united, other people and circumstances will not affect them. However, if they fight each other, they will not be able to handle the conflicts adroitly.

5. Do you think it is essential that children read regularly?

There is no denying this conviction that reading is a must-have skill to lead children’s lives toward an impressive growth trajectory.

When children read regularly, they enhance their cognitive skills and improve their personalities.

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