IELTS Speaking Part 1 Reading

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Reading

1. Do you like to read books?

Being voracious, I find immense interest in reading books. I developed this habit in childhood, and books were my best friend.

2. Do you ever visit the library?

Since childhood, I have had this habit of visiting the library to find books of interest. Fortunately, my neighbourhood has a library, and whenever I have free time, I read various types of content.

3. Do you prefer reading books or watching films?

Although video content is emotionally enriching, it cannot match the benefits of reading. Reading is an active activity where your central focus is a must. On the other hand, watching films is a passive pursuit because it allows you to multitask, like ironing clothes, surfing mobile phones, or doing other activities.

4. What was your favourite book or story as a child?

The best story I heard in childhood was of a farmer and his five sons who always used to fight over petty issues. The farmer was really upset and tried his best to convince them but did not succeed.

Then he planned to teach them a lesson, giving one stick each to his sons and telling them to break it, which was an easy task for them.

Afterwards, the farmer gave his sons a bundle of five sticks and told them to break it. His sons tried hard, but they could not break it.

Then, he formally told his sons that unity is important because if they stay united, other people and circumstances will not affect them. However, if they fight each other, they cannot handle the conflicts adroitly.

5. Do you think it is essential that children read regularly?

There is no denying this conviction that reading is a must-have skill to lead children’s lives toward an impressive growth trajectory.

When children read regularly, they enhance their cognitive skills and improve their personalities.

6. How often do you read books, and what types of books do you enjoy reading the most? 

I read books mostly on the weekends whenever I am free, and I love to read poems and fiction stories. 

7. What is the last book you read? 

The last book I have read is Two and a Half Men. It was a great book about two people and their sons, providing me with different kinds of knowledge.

8. Do you prefer reading fiction or non-fiction books? 

I prefer to read fiction books because they have more knowledge. 

9. How do you choose which books to read? 

I mostly read books based on the story. I love to read romantic novels and fiction stories as well. 

10. Is reading books still important in the age of digital media? 

Yes, digital media is growing far away, but books are a very close friend to a person, a human being. So, we always have to read books. It enhances our knowledge and gives us deeper knowledge about some particular topic.

11. What role do libraries play in promoting reading in your community or country?

 New libraries are opening in my country, and people visit them to prepare for government exams.

They would even like to spend their idle time learning more from books. 

12. How do you think the availability of electronic books and audiobooks has changed people’s reading habits? 

Yes, it has changed people’s habits because they like reading books over iPads or laptops instead of hard copies. It is easily available, and you can buy it from online websites.

Instead of hard copies, it is challenging to carry at the place. But nowadays, digital books can be stored on your mobile phone

13. Can you describe a memorable book you read in your childhood? Yes, I have read one poem about two roads.

It was about life and how we have to choose our careers. It always gives me an example whenever I want to choose something. So, I remember that poem in my mind.

14. Is it important for children to develop a love of reading? 

 Yes, let’s teach our children to love reading. It enhances the knowledge of our children, and the thinking ability of a child gets wider because he gets more knowledge about day-to-day routine life. 

 15. How can parents or teachers encourage children to read? In schools, they have to provide proper library classes. So that children get involved in books and reading.

At home, parents should bring novels for their children so that they get involved in reading, which improves their minds and skills. 

16. What benefits do people gain from reading books? 

The main reason for reading books is that it is a hobby of some person.

It increases their knowledge about reality and helps them learn more about the stories. There are many knowledgeable books like science and math.

Many people admire me in sports because I am also a sportsman. I was playing lawn tennis at the state level.

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