IELTS Speaking Part 1 Pets and Animals

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Pets and Animals

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Pets and Animals

What’s your favourite animal? Why?

Although I like all the animals, my favourite one is the dog. I find them honest, lovely, and entertaining. The unique feature of a dog is that it makes human beings feel more secure and safe.

What is the most popular animal in your country?

People in my country are fond of cows. We have enormous respect for cows. Apart from this dogs are another popular animal in my nation.

Have you ever had a pet before?

Yes, during my childhood, our family had a pet dog. My whole family is fond of dogs. Currently, we have two dogs named Bonzo and Tuffy. They are an integral part of the family and provide wholesome entertainment. 

Where do you prefer to keep your pet, indoors or outdoors?

I feel that pets remain safer indoors. However, this adds to the monotony in their lives. Therefore I prefer to keep them outdoors so that they do not get the feeling of imprisonment. Moreover, pets become more confident and energetic when they spend time outdoors.

Do you like animals? 

I wouldn’t say I like animals, but my husband loves the pet dogs and the cats.

So, I support him whenever I want to get a new one. 

What’s your favourite animal, and why? 

My favorite animal is the dog because he is a pet animal, and he is honest with his owner. So, I love to buy a pet for my home because of its safety and because I give our love to its owner.

Are people in your country fond of animals? 

Yes, most of the jungles in my country are fond of animals. And if I talk about rural areas, people have many different types of animals in their homes, which are pet-like. They have cows, buffaloes, dogs, and cats in their homes.

What kind of animals as pets do people have in your country? 

In my country, there are different types of pet animals, such as people who want to pet animals like buffalo, cows, dogs, and cats. Apart from that, some people there are fond of horses because they want to pet them and have a craze to take care of them.

Are cities suitable places for keeping a pet?

 The city is suitable for talking about pet animals like dogs and cats. But big animals like horses, cows, and buffaloes are unsuitable because of limited space. And apart from it’s big, they need a lot of space for their taking care. And apart from that, they want to open space, which is impossible in big cities. 

Do you think children like animals? 

 If I talk about children in my country, they love to play with pet dogs and cats because they think they look like toys and are very soft with them.

They want to play with the pets because pets also like to play with some companions. 

What kind of animals do you think children like? 

Most children like every type of animal, like pet animals like cows, and they like the babies of pet animals, like cows and buffaloes. Apart from that, they love to play with small puppies.

So these are the animals they like to play. 

What was your favorite animal when you were a child?

 When I was a child, my favorite animal was a cow. So it was the baby of the cow because we had a lot of cows in our house, and I always wanted to play with the cows because we always had three and four cows in our home.

What do you think are the benefits for a child having a pet?

 If a child has a pet animal, they have benefits, like playing with them because they want to spend some time with them. After all, they also treat them like toys. And apart from them, they are always happy to share their feelings with them by playing.

 If you have children in the future, will you allow them to keep a pet? 

Yeah, I am not too fond of pet animals.

As I discussed, my husband loves the pet animals. So, if my children want to get a pet animal, I will allow it because I want to continue them later from their hobbies. 

Why do some people keep pets at home? 

It depends on the person. Some people think they need a companion to spend time with them, like older people. And if I talk about the gangsters, then they have a craze to show off their status in society because they take care of the animals due to their high status in the community. And apart from that, some people feel secure and safe in their homes.

For example, they can go somewhere freely if they have a pet dog. Then they think somebody is in the home behind them. 

Do you like to see animals in the zoo? 

Yes, whatever; the animals are on the verge of extinction.

I want to visit the zoo because we usually need more time to go into the forest to see these animals. After all, they are very dangerous for humans. So I have always wanted to visit the zoo to see these animals. 

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