IELTS Speaking Part 1 Maps

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Maps

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Maps

How often do you use maps in your daily routine? 

In my daily routine, I go to work and come back. I remember the way to my workplace, but I use maps during weekends and when I have to go somewhere else, like a place unfamiliar.

Do you prefer using physical maps or digital maps on your phone? 

I prefer digital maps to paper maps because electronic maps are easier and more accessible than paper maps because of the technology. Now, many features are available in the maps in the application; for example, Siri can tell you where you have to go, but this is not possible in a paper map. 

Can you describe a memorable experience you had while using a map to navigate somewhere? 

There is an incident that happened a couple of months ago. I went to a place for hiking, but I vividly remember the place. However, in the midway, I lost the way, and then I used a map over there. Luckily, with the help of a map, I found that place and it was quite a nice experience.

So then I felt that with a map, I would be here. So yes, the map helped me to find the place. 

How important do you think it is for children to learn how to read maps? 

Yes, children need to learn maps because it is a good habit they can pursue. After all, they must use maps sooner or later whenever they go outside.

So children have to learn, and parents should teach them how to use paper and electronic devices. 

What are the advantages of using maps compared to GPS navigation systems? 

GPS navigation is dependent on the internet. The GPS is useful if we have good internet quality.

However, this does not happen with the use of paper maps because paper maps are very accurate and up to the mark. After all, they mention all the small details, and they also highlight the surrounding places. So there’s no chance for a person to get lost while using paper maps. 

Have you ever used a map to explore a new city or country?

 Yes, I have done quite a lot of time, like last year when I went to Montreal.

Montreal is a place far away from my city, and it was like an eight-hour journey, and we were unfamiliar with that place. It was comparatively very new to us. So, I used the map to find the best restaurants, places to explore, and other historical places.

So, with the help of a map, I found everything over there.

 In what situations is having a physical map more useful than a digital map?

 If you have to find a very old and unique place, use a paper map. And for adventurous things like hiking or exploring someplace, you must use a paper map because sometimes we lose connectivity, such as internet connectivity.

So it could be a disaster for us. So, in that situation, you should use a paper map.

How have maps evolved, and what role do they play in modern society?

  With the advancement of technology, paper maps have also evolved. So, paper maps have faded because now everyone has their phone, and they have a lot of applications available, like GPS systems, Google Maps, and Apple Maps, by which they can easily navigate their destinations.

So, the use of paper maps has comparatively faded, and more and more people prefer digital maps. 

Do people rely too much on GPS technology instead of traditional maps? 

Definitely, yes. As I said, people find it very easy, handy, and convenient to use a digital map rather than a physical one because many features make it more useful. It doesn’t matter your age; anyone can use it.

For example, older people’s eyesight is weak, and the physical maps and words are tiny and hard to read. However, we can use the voice system in digital maps, which tells us where to go and our destination. So it’s it works like a robot.

So that’s why it’s handy, and people use it more than the physical one.

 Can you think of any professions or activities where maps are essential?

 Yes, the people who like to explore, like archaeologists, the people who are travelers, and we can say the nomads, use maps, and it is like a lifesaving thing for them. Apart from that, they also use the compass with the maps and both as a combination. 

So, these are the only professions in which maps play a vital role. 

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