IELTS Speaking part 1 Jokes and comedies

IELTS Speaking part 1 Jokes and comedies

IELTS Speaking part 1 Jokes and comedies

Q1. Do you like listening and telling jokes?

Being a fun-loving person, I love to crack and listen to jokes. It helps me uplift my mood and do my tasks with more confidence.

Q2. How do you know what jokes are proper to say to your friends?

I refrain from thinking much before saying something to my friends; however, if my amigo is sad, I leave no stone unturned to generate guffaws of laughter by cracking some funny jokes.

Q3. How can a joke hurt someone?

In case a joke is about personality, it can hurt. For example, if a person is fat, we should not body-shame him by cracking jokes. The best practice is to avoid remarks on topics such as politics, religion, caste, race, etc.

Q4. What are some situations when it is impolite to laugh at a joke?

It is impolite to laugh when a joke doesn’t suit a situation. For example, when someone fails the exam, you can make that person feel bad by laughing at a joke cracked during that time.

Q5. What are some common subjects that people like to joke about?

These days, people like to joke about politicians, film stars and sports stars. And apart from that, they generate laughter by telling their funny opinions on pressing problems like inflation, deforestation etc.

Q6. Are there comedy shows in your country?

Yes, there are umpteen shows which come on tv and ott platforms.

Q7. Have you ever watched a live show?

I have often watched live comedy shows, and many of those events are in my memory.

Q8. Are you good at telling jokes?

I consider myself good at telling jokes, but my friends have an adverse opinion, and they believe that I am terrible at cracking jokes.

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