IELTS Speaking part 1  Newspaper and Magazine

IELTS Speaking part 1  Newspaper and Magazine

IELTS Speaking part 1  Newspaper and Magazine

Q1. Do you often read newspapers?

Being a voracious reader, I love to read newspapers, but due to time shortage, I read during weekends.

Q2. What do you like to read?

My topics of interest are burgeoning careers and industries such as artificial intelligence, robotics, genome sequencing, space exploration, etc.

Q3. Do you prefer to read local news or international news?

In the contemporary epoch, the world has become a global village. Due to this reason, I give equal importance to local and international news.

Q4. Which is more prevalent in the place where you live, newspapers or magazines?

With time the significance of magazines has declined substantially because people of the modern era love to update themselves regularly, and magazines usually come weekly. Due to this reason, people in my area give preference newspapers instead of magazines.

Q5. Do many people today read the newspaper?

As far as the young generation is concerned, it thrives primarily on social media and mobile phone applications to fetch news. But on the other hand, older adults get emotionally enriching experiences after reading newspapers because they have been reading them for ages and feel deprived without them.

Q6. Do you think newspapers will be significant to you in the future?

With time, the significance of newspapers will nosedive in my life because my tendency to read news on social media and mobile phone applications has grown tremendously in the last few years.

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