IELTS Speaking part 1  Newspaper and Magazine

IELTS Speaking part 1  Newspaper and Magazine

IELTS Speaking Part 1  Newspaper and Magazine

Q1. Do you often read newspapers?

Being a voracious reader, I love to read newspapers, but due to time shortage, I read during weekends.

Q2. What do you like to read?

My topics of interest are burgeoning careers and industries such as artificial intelligence, robotics, genome sequencing, space exploration, etc.

Q3. Do you prefer to read local news or international news?

In the contemporary epoch, the world has become a global village. Due to this reason, I give equal importance to local and international news.

Q4. Which is more prevalent in the place where you live, newspapers or magazines?

With time the significance of magazines has declined substantially because people of the modern era love to update themselves regularly, and magazines usually come weekly. Due to this reason, people in my area prefer newspapers instead of magazines.

Q5. Do many people today read the newspaper?

As far as the young generation is concerned, it thrives primarily on social media and mobile phone applications to fetch news. On the other hand, older adults get emotionally enriching experiences after reading newspapers because they have been reading them for ages and feel deprived of them.

Q6. Do you think newspapers will be significant to you in the future?

With time, the significance of newspapers will nosedive in my life because my tendency to read news on social media and mobile phone applications has grown tremendously in the last few years.

Q7.Do you often read the newspaper? 

Yes, I read newspapers daily for the latest updates; I prefer to read the newspapers. But digital newspapers are trending now, so I prefer to read them on mobile. 

Q8.Which do you prefer, reading magazines or newspapers?

 I prefer to read newspapers because the newspaper is updated daily and provides the latest news about world affairs and much other information like an advertisement for the latest products. So I prefer the newspaper. 

Q9.What kind of newspapers or magazines do you usually read? 

I read the newspapers, and there are many newspaper agencies in India. I read the local newspaper, the Times of India, which is very popular in India for providing the latest and widest information regarding global affairs and local affairs. 

Q10.How old were you when you first started to read newspapers? 

I started reading newspapers, often at home or in the school library; at that time, I preferred to read newspapers as a hard copy.

Q11.Is it important to read newspapers? 

Yes, it is very important to read the newspaper, because in the current era, we have to get updated with information regarding world affairs, so we have to read the newspapers to increase our general knowledge and knowledge about current affairs. 

Q12.Why do you think people read newspapers?

 Most people read newspapers daily and prefer to read in the morning when they get up and receive the newspaper with tea. Because people are more interested in information regarding the surrounding environment, they prefer to read newspapers all about the current situation nearby them. 

Q13.What different types of newspapers are there in India? 

There are many types of newspapers in India; some are in the local language only, and some are in the global language; some provide basic information regarding a particular area. Some newspapers cover global, some specifically for business or employment purposes.

Q14.Do you care about the news? 

Yes, news affects our daily routine; if we care, we have to get knowledge about the current situation in the market. Also, we must learn about current trends, so the newspaper is very effective.

 Q15.What kind of news do Indian people read in newspapers? Everyone has their own choice. Middle-aged or old age people prefer to read news related to politics and societal incidents and information about these. Youngsters are interested in employment, business, and Bollywood or Hollywood news. 

Q16.What are some methods that newspapers use to attract readers? Newspapers attract people through good marketing and market strategy, providing relevant information about an incident, and publishing entertainment news.

Q17.What influence do you think newspapers have on society? 

Most people read newspapers, so it greatly influences society; if we read positive news, people are too close, and it is a very friendly environment. People will only visit the market or something else at a social gathering if we have some negative information in the newspaper. Newspapers played a big role in the COVID situation.

 Q18.Is the internet a good way to get news? 

Yes, the internet is a good way to receive news, but information needs to be more relevant, or there is a chance of fake news, which is untrustworthy.

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