IELTS Speaking Part 1 Car trip

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Car trip

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Car trip

Q1. Do you like to travel by car?

Yes, travelling by car appeals to me. I find it not only convenient but also time-saving. Unlike a bus, you need not wait, and you have the freedom of reaching your place as per your comfort.

Q2. When do you travel by car? 

Whenever I travel through a highway, I prefer a car because of the speed and comfort. Apart from this, if there is torrential rain or scorching heat, I commute through it.

Q3. Where is the farthest place you have travelled by car? 

Recently I visited Goa with my friends on a car trip. The distance was about 2,500 kilometres, and it took us three days to reach that place. Although the journey was tiring, it was full of thrill and excitement.

Q4. Do you like to sit in the back or front when travelling by car?

Being a driving enthusiast, I prefer to either drive or sit in the front seat. Because I remain more alert and I can enjoy the journey with a more clear view. On the other hand, sitting in the back seat is a big no for me. The reason is the journey becomes monotonous as you get to see the side view only.

Q5.Do you enjoy going on car trips? 

Yes, I like to travel by car, and I have my car. I like to travel on weekends, and I love to travel a lot and explore different places. So yes, I like to drive my car because it gives me Privacy and convenience. 

Q6.How often do you go on car trips? 

 I work, and my workplace is far from my house. Therefore, I use my car daily and love to travel by car.

Q7.Who do you usually go on car trips with?

 I usually prefer to travel with my friends because they give me self-satisfaction and we enjoy ourselves wherever we go. So everybody does like enjoy with his friend’s company. So I would like to do the same. So, for that reason, I love to travel with my friends. 

Q8.What do you like most about car trips? 

For car trips, first of all, I like Privacy, and second, it’s not like other public transportation, like it doesn’t have a specific stop. We can stop wherever we can, and it’s very handy, and also we can enjoy the picturesque view during our journey. So, for all these reasons, I love to travel by car. 

Q9.What’s your favorite destination for a car trip? 

For a car trip, there is a place near to my city. We called it Tobermory. 

It is located on an island, like all surrounding beaches. So there is only one way to travel over there. It’s the long bridge. 

So, whenever we travel on the bridge, it gives us a pleasant feeling and a very different kind of extraordinary pleasant view because we are surrounded by seawater, and it seems like we are driving on the water’s surface. That is why it is the perfect place to drive by car. 

Q10.How do you usually prepare for a car trip? 

For a car trip, first, I inspect my car to ensure it stays like it is. I think everybody should check their car before driving. If there is a minor issue, it could be a disaster for us and can ruin our journey. 

For that reason, I first check whether my car is working perfectly. And the second thing I prepare like a fuel tank. I fill my fuel tank.

Apart from that, I keep every accessory I need during my travels. 

Q11.Do you prefer driving or being a passenger during a car trip? 

I love to drive rather than become a passenger. But yes, I like to become a passenger whenever we go to a destination like I mentioned, Tobermory. I think passengers can enjoy themselves a lot and see many things surrounding them compared to the driver because the driver should focus only on the road. So he enjoys it but cannot as much as a passenger does.

Q12.What are some essential items you take with you on a car trip? 

On a car trip, firstly, I took everything necessary for my car, like the spare tire, the car jack, and jump cables, and in the first case scenario. Apart from that, I also bring some personal belongings like snacks, a water bottle, and a first aid kit. 

It’s my top priority during my travel.

Q13.Have you ever had any memorable experiences during a car trip?

 I haven’t had any memorable occasions but have a road journey. It is not by car; it’s by bike. 

I went on a road trip from Manali to Leh. It’s quite a long journey, around 250 kilometres or something. So it was like all road trips surrounded by misty mountains very close to the China border. 

So it has a very pleasant view, and we can do many things and activities there. We can go camping, we can go hiking, and we can explore things over there. So that’s a memorable trip for me. 

Q14.Do you think car trips are a good way to explore new places?

 Yes, car trips are very convenient and helpful if we have to explore anything because we can go anywhere we want by car rather than public transport. 

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