Most people agree that money cannot be happiness IELTS Essay

Most people agree that money cannot be happiness IELTS Essay

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Most people agree that money cannot be happiness. Why is happiness difficult to define? How can people achieve happiness?

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Some people believe that money cannot be happiness. However, satisfaction is difficult to define because, for every individual, happiness means different due to the distinct expectations of the person. To achieve happiness, every individual should enjoy small things and always be thankful for what they have.

To begin with, happiness is hard to define because everybody has different expectations from life, and every person has a different nature. Several people like to live every moment of life and find happiness in small things. However, some people have very high expectations in their lives, and they can never be satisfied with what they have. Some individuals want an opulent lifestyle; they must remember to enjoy things to achieve that. For instance, the research showed that people living a simple life are more satisfied because of fewer expenses than people running in a race to earn money.

Moreover, to achieve happiness, every single person should celebrate small achievements in their life. Limiting expectations is the key to happiness because when people start expecting too much from their lives, their expectations will keep rising with time, and they will never be satisfied. So, enjoying every movement and never quitting hard work will bring success one day. It is crucial to always be thankful to God for whatever they get in their life because life is very short to enjoy later. For example, according to the research, the first rule of a happy life is less expectations. Less expectation brings positive surprises in life.

To conclude, money cannot be happiness, which is difficult to define. The real satisfaction is finding joy in every single moment and celebrating with their family and friends.

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