IELTS Speaking Part 1 Photography

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Photography

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Photography

1. Do you like photography?

I like photography and recently learned to click pictures with a DSLR. What sparked your interest in photography

2. How has it evolved?

Different kinds of people I have met in my life who are very passionate about photography, and I genuinely love their work, and that fascinates me every time. So, there was this friend in college with whom I learned how to do photography. I used to click pictures from my phone. Later, I switched to DSLR.

3. Can you describe a memorable photography project or assignment you have undertaken?

In my college, we had to cover an event, and there was a fundraiser for disease and in that, I had to manage many things, including covering the event through the lens. I formed a proper team, and the team later compiled various reels, photographs, and videos. 

4. How do you approach the process of capturing a photograph? Do you have a specific method or mindset?

I keep a few things in mind while clicking a photograph. First of all, what needs to be captured has its beauty, and that should be recognized by the person who is capturing it, so the size, the lighting, and the proportion are the main things that need to be kept in mind while taking the picture what role does post-processing play in your photography workflow.

So post-processing clicking photographs is one thing but processing the photographs and associating them with the idea of which people have taken the pictures is another kind of task that needs to be done and in case of when people are covering an event or a wedding or some other function the pictures need to be delivered to the people who need it. 

5. How do you balance enhancing images while maintaining their authenticity?

 First of all, the picture should be taken with appropriate lighting and lighting, and if the person, for some reason, is not able to do that, then the person should enhance the picture to get the actual colours.

6. How do you select subjects or scenes for your photography? 

Whenever I go for a walk or see something beautiful that needs to be captured, I look at it without a lens and decide that this angle is appropriate for the picture.

7. How has photography changed how you perceive the world around you?

So, everybody who takes up photography as a passion or is photography their interest will agree with the statement that the world through the lens is very different. People who view through the lens enjoy the little things. They dig into the details of nature, so photographers view the world in a very different manner. They appreciate the beauty of little things, be they symmetric or asymmetric.

8. Can you share any challenges you have encountered in your photography journey and how you have overcome them?

Yes, there were many challenges. At first, the prime challenge was to get a good lens, which my friend helped me. It is also always important to know if the subject that must be captured is in motion. That is an excellent challenge for me.

9. How do you stay inspired and continue to grow creatively as a photographer? 

Whenever I scroll through Instagram, all the reels or posts I come across are fascinating. I can assess the amount of effort and precision the photographers are working to make the reel very authentic and relatable, so that fascinates me. The work is excellent, and everybody wants their Instagram page to look very appealing, and so do I, which inspires me. 

10. What advice would you give someone just starting their journey in photography? 

So, very genuine advice for a beginner would be that the thing they want to capture should be viewed once without the lens, and eyes are the best judge to explain the beauty of that subject and then go with the lens and adjust the lightning and appropriate angle and proportion of that image.

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